How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Recently I posted about the 4Cs of diamonds, a general guide to understanding the main characteristics of diamonds. It’s well worth reading before shopping for a diamond engagement ring. This posting made me think that it might be useful to give some general tips about buying that special diamond engagement ring in general. How do you choose an engagement ring? Naturally, the diamond engagement ring price has to fit your pocket, but what about the style? Here you need to do a little bit of detective work.

I suggest that you start taking a real interest (if you haven’t so far) in what your girlfriend likes and dislikes in terms of fashion. Is her style conservative or outlandish? Does she like to blend in or stick out in the crowd? Does she like vivid or more subdued tones?

Next you might ask your girlfriends’ friends or relatives if they have discussed engagement rings, and if so, whether she expressed a particular preference.