Is your Diamond Real or Fake?

You’re reading this if you’ve just bought, been given or simply suspect that a diamond you own may not be real.  The problem with diamonds (and their high value) is that it takes a trained eye to spot a fake, but only  devious mind to sell one.

So we’re outlining some quick and easy tips so you can check your stone is real.  You can also apply these tips before you buy to safe guard your essential purchase. Today, there are some diamonds that are created in a a  lab-created or synthetic (including cubic zircona) these stones are “real” but are not real “diamonds”. These stones will cost you much less than that of a true diamond.  They are often stunning, sharing many of the same characteristics as real diamonds.  They may be chemically the same as “true” diamonds.

To be sure, there is no way to be 100% confident that a diamond is real without a recognized certificate. So before you buy, ensure your diamond is supplied with one.
Some quick tips to check the authenticity of a diamond

* take the stone for an appraisal, expect to pay $50

* Diamonds WILL scratch glass, some fake one’s also do, but this is a good quick test

* Most fake diamonds CANNOT scratch sandpaper.