Ten things you didn’t know about famous engagement rings

Get inspired from celebrity engagement rings worn by the rich and famous.  Check out these stunning rings, you don’t need to spend the same to get the same look, just take the essence and the inspiration of the style and the meaning.   You too can bling like your favorite celebrity.

1. Catherine Zeta Jones got engaged to Michael Douglas and he bought for her a beautiful antique marquise diamond of 10 carats worth $2 million to mark the occasion.

2. Joan Collins received a heart-shaped diamond ring made in the 19th century from Percy Gibson, her husband.

3. Some celebrities settle for a three-stone engagement ring to represent past, present, and future. Famous pop star Madonna received a three-stone antique exquisite Edwardian diamond ring with a decorative platinum band from Guy Ritchie.

4. Paris Hilton, the famous diva, was engaged to billionaire Paris Latsis with two famous engagement rings: a canary diamond ring of 24 carats worth $5 million and a white emerald-cut diamond ring of 15 carats worth $2.1 million.

5. Britney Spears also has two engagement rings: a cushion-cut diamond ring of 4 carats worth $40,000 bought by herself before her wedding and another one presented by her husband Kevin Federline, nine months after their marriage.