GIA Introduces new GemPassbook (Gem Book)

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has recently introduced a new “GIA Gem Pass Book” when making a purchase from two of its colored stone identification services: the GIA Identification Report and the GIA Origin Report.

Each passbook from the GIA has inside 50 pre-paid GIA GemPasses™ which are redeemable for identification or country-of-origin services.

The GIA has announced the following prices:

1. Identification GemPasses will be priced at $50 each,
2. Passes for country-of-origin services will cost $100.

Each GIA GemPass is valid for one service per loose diamond, regardless of gemstone size. Passbooks may be purchased and redeemed at GIA Laboratories in New York, Carlsbad or Bangkok.

“We hope our new GemPassbooks will make GIA identification services more affordable and accessible to the colored stone industry,” said Tom Moses, senior vice president, GIA Laboratory and Research. “GIA GemPasses are also transferable, meaning our clients can extend these savings to their customers.”

The reports will offer a highly detailed appraisal of the gem material including the identifying factors for the gem such as colour, transparency, shape, cut, dimensions, weight. The PassBook report will also feature a full color photo of the diamond.