IGI Opens Lab in Israel

The IGI (International Gemological Institute) has expanded its operations by inaugurating a new gemological laboratory in the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel, the heart of the Israeli diamond industry.

Alongside the opening of the new lab, the IGI will also be launchig a new service for customers; “diamond laser inscription” IGI CEO Roland Lorié announced at the same time that the lab and new service needs meant that a necessary employment drive grew the operation from 10 to 15, with plans to grow further. Lorie announced that “Israel needs a major laboratory to support efficient and successful trades within the industry,”

In parallel, the RJC (The Responsible Jewellery Council) confirmed that the IGI lab has had its application approved to the Council. The RJC is an industry organization set on promoting a responsible supply chain end to end from mine to shop to customer.

Council members must apply the RJC System by upholding the RJC Code of Practices and undergoing third-party auditing to become certified. This unique system builds on recognized international initiatives like the Kimberley Process and ISO standards, such as SA8000 and ISO 14001.