Princess Diana’s Wedding Champagne to be Auctioned

Probably the most expensive champagne in the world.  A bottle of 1961 vintage Dom Perignon champagne that was ordrered for the wedding of Britain’s Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana’s will be auctioned off.

The 1961 vintage champagne “Dom Perignon” was selected by the Royal House for the event because it Diana’s birth year.  James Grinter of auction house Reeman Dansie said, “It is very rare to find a Royal Wedding bottle of 1961 Dom Perignon because it was a strictly limited release and even rarer to find it still sealed in its original box.”

According to sources, only 99 bottles of the vintage – regarded as one of the best diamonds ever produced – were shipped across from the France’s Champagne region for the wedding.  It had been thought that every bottle had been opened and drunk at the celebration, however it seems there’s one bottle left for some lucky buyer to enjoy.