Say ‘I do!’

It’s not a kept secret that women are usually more emotionally advanced than men. As a result, many women find themselves ready for marriage when they partners continue to be clueless about it. It’s time to teach you how to get that″ target=”_blank”>Wedding ring and get your man to start planning the exciting proposal
Ladies, take notes:

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1. Friends getting married- Sometimes it takes another wedding to realize that your time has come. If it’s that time in your life when all your friends are getting married, try to convince your man to attend one of those ceremonies with you. Enjoy the evening and be happy for your friends’ joy but also don’t forget to throw a remark in the air once in a while about how lovely the wedding is, how happy they seem and how much you envy them. If your man how excited you are about the wedding, he might get the idea that you are ready for marriage yourself.

2. Family- Family makes the best collaborators of them all. Try to speak with your mother or your sister about how much you wish to get married, and get them to ask a few questions about this matter in the next family dinner. Whether the question will be asked carefully or very bluntly it’s up to your family to decide (and we all know that family members can be not polite when the want to). There’s nothing like public peer pressure to get your man to consider his future.

3. Window shopping- We realize that window shopping is probably one of the most hated activities a man could engage in, however- when it comes to marriage, sometimes it’s necessary to pull out all the heavy weapons. Try to stroll down with your man at the mall and accidentally stop by an engagement ring shop or by a wedding gowns store. Pretend that you are interested in one of the items in the display window and ask your boyfriends opinion about it. The sudden interest in wedding supply will raise a few questions in your man’s mind that will make him more aware for you wish to get married.

4. Ask him yourself- This is the non traditional tip of the bunch but it’s also the most efficient one. If you wish to get married but your boyfriend has no idea about it, try popping the question yourself or at least bringing it up to the table. We all know that being direct and sincere is the best way to act in every aspect in life and same goes for marriages as well. Whether you’re planning a big romantic proposal or you just want to discuss the matter with your man- find the appropriate time to do it and remember to be kind and gentle.

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5. Just wait- People say that patience is a gift and it’s the recipe for a long happy life and we must agree. If your man hasn’t proposed to you by now, he might not be emotionally ready for it now. Don’t pressure or threaten him into marriage and just give him some time to grow and to realize that he wants marriage just as much as you do and then you will be certain that his proposal comes from within him. For now, try to enjoy the relationship with him and all those great reasons that made you want to marry him in first place.