Celebrities, Diamonds and Memorable Movies

It’s a fact that diamonds and celebrities go hand in hand. That is not to imply that they literally go hand in hand, but when celebrities get engaged, their diamonds do appear to catch the attention of discerning fans around the world. Large round diamond engagement rings flash on fingers that catch the eye of anyone who cares to look. Diamonds in general also tend to catch the attention of celebrities. We’ve all seen the diamond collections of women from the likes of Elizabeth Taylor to Queen Elizabeth herself.


Key pendant rose goldIt’s not only in personal collections or on recently-engaged fingers that we see loose diamonds. Looking back through Hollywood movies, it is easy to see that diamonds have always had their place in the lives of celebrities. Just check out a few of these movies and you’ll understand the fascination.


Since the 1930s, diamonds were used to enhance actresses. Remember the 1932 movie, Night After Night where Mae West glittered from her array of diamonds to which a comely girl says , “Goodness, what lovely diamonds!”, to which West replies, “Goodness had nothing to do with it, dearie”.


There is also Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, the 1953 move where the two stars, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe both shine like an evening star from their abundance of diamonds. This was the movie where Marilyn sang about diamonds being a girls’ best friend while exclaiming, “I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds!” In this movie, Monroe wore the Moon of Baroda, a 24-carat yellow diamond.


Other Hollywood classics that made diamonds famous include To Catch a Thief, The Pink Panther and the 1971 movie Diamonds are Forever, where Sean Connery plays a character that stockpiles diamonds.


Tiffany solitaire enagagement rings for PrincessYou surely recall A Fish Called Wanda and even Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers form 1993 where Gromit uses his techno-trousers to steal a famous diamond. Who could forget the beautiful Academy Award winning Titanic from 1997 where the Heart of the Ocean diamond stole our hearts? Although this particular blue diamond was fictional, it is believed to be loosely based on the real 42.5-carat Hope Diamond and sapphire necklace that was worn by Kate Florence Philips, the original Titanic survivor.


Snatch, from 2000, was another hit movie that revolved around a large stone. This time it was an 86-carat diamond. There is also the unforgettable moment in the smash-hit Pretty Women when the character played by Richard Gere presents Julia Roberts with a stunning diamond necklace. When she reaches out to touch the necklace, he quickly snaps the box shut, to which she lets out a roar of laugher. This 20-year old flick still has one of the best lines, “I don’t want you to get too excited – it’s only on loan”.