Shopping and Trends in Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are not immune to trend shifts. For decades, engagement rings consisted of a solitaire diamond perched eloquently atop a delicate gold band. This simply yet stunning design has held its ground for so long it’s almost crazy to think there would be even the slightest deviation from that classis, time-honored look. Actually, this traditional idea has begun taking a back seat to the up-and-coming age of diamond engagement rings.

Tiffany diamond engagement ringOne of the most prominent changes effecting the traditional is the setting. That well-known single gold band is being replaced with creative and intricate bands and settings. One of the most popular trends in engagement ring settings has been the halo setting.

With just a hint of vintage, the halo setting, and double halo setting has begun to make more and more appearances around Hollywood; which may be partly behind its popularity. Some celebs are even sporting the halo setting with a stone other than the traditional diamond. The most recent and probably most popular halo engagement ring is surely Kate Middleton’s.

It’s actually a modified halo setting, and the big blue sapphire stone in the middle is so gorgeous you may not even see the setting, but when you can pry your eyes away from the center stone, you’ll see it’s unmistakably a variation of the trending halo setting. Colored stones are trending nowadays, too.

Colored diamonds of yellow, blue, and pink hues are more pricy, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for consumers. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are also becoming popular, and are a little more affordable to the average Joe on the street. Celebrity circles seem to be drawn to a variety of stone choices as well.

Shane Warner, the famous Australian international cricketer proposed to English actress and model, Elizabeth Hurly, with an absolutely gorgeous square-cut sapphire surrounded by two triangular brilliant cut white diamonds. Jessica Simpson was gifted with a brilliant 5-carat ruby surrounded on either side by two pear-cut diamonds that weighed in at a combined 5-carats, and even though it’s actually a wedding ring, it’s worth noting that Penelope Cruz is the proud owner of a remarkable oval sapphire ring any girl would give her right arm to have.

As far as engagement ring setting trends go, two tone engagement ring settings like white and yellow gold are more popular than ever. Another type of engagement ring band that is on the rise is twisted bands with intricate settings.

Of course the setting would have to be intricate in order to accommodate the uncommon twists and turns of the bands. The most popular unique engagement ring would have to be the one designed by Brad Pitt for Jennifer Aniston.

Pitt collaborated with renowned jewelry designer, Silvia Damiani and created a stunning and unique multi-level engagement ring with a spiral design of diamonds that represented the eternity he intended to spend with her.

Well, turns out the union didn’t stand the test of time, but the ring will live on forever in infamy.