Diamonds Education – Broaden Your Diamonds Knowledge

The cut of the diamond will provide two things regarding the stone. It first identifies how the diamond is basically shaped. Some examples are round brilliance and this is the most well-known cut around the world. Princess cut is a distinct rectangular or square shape. You also have various other options that include oval, emerald and marquise cut as well as other fancier cuts. The cut represents the stone’s proportions. When the proportion is good, it has more sparkle when hit by light.

DiamondsThe color of the diamond indicates the rarity of the stone. The rarest diamond is those that are colorless. They come in more than 300 variations of natural colors. Most diamonds come in colors ranging from the colorless D to yellow Z. Those that are closer to D will usually be priced higher.

The clarity will indicate the stone’s blemishes and imperfections, internally and externally. Blemishes that are naturally included will generally take place during the formation process of the diamond. These are seen as being similar to birthmarks. The value of the diamond hinges upon the kind, number, location and discernibility of these natural inclusions.

The diamond has a carat weight that indicates the size. A diamond that has a 1 carat stone is similar in weight to a hundred tiny units known as points. A diamond with 50 points, for example, is similar to a diamond with half carat. To determine the value of the stone, the carat weight is the prime attribute. However, other important aspects are the cut, clarity and color.



It is important to have a certificate for your diamond. It provides information about your diamond such as the inspection and certification. It also indicates the carat, the clarity and the color as well as the cut.


Loose diamonds

Loose diamonds are valuable gemstones. These are cut and polished using a unique technique. Once put through this process, they are all set to be used in different ways. Jewelers use them to mount on engagement rings and pendants. Loose diamonds have a brilliance and sheen to them. The cutting procedure is an intricate process. It is usually done by skilled miners.

Ring size

The ring size goes through various measurement processes. The first consideration is the size of the stone when shopping for an engagement ring. Even though, this is the main attribute, the size is also important. The ring size is calculated from the inside. Rings are evaluated using numeric measurement in quarters and half components with zero as the least. The style of the ring also plays a role in sizing the ring.


The heritage halo Cushion engagement ringDesigns

Diamonds come in various designs. Some are vintage designs and others more modernized. Some people will use the vintage look to transform it into a more modern look.

Currently, a lot of contemporary designs are very indicative of the Art Deco style, which has a square setting in the center. The stone could also be square in shape.  Rings are designed using one stone as well as multiple stones.