Save On Stunning Engagement Ring With Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

When you reach that point in life where you want to take your relationship to the next level, it’s time to purchase that all-important engagement ring. This symbol of intent can transform lives, and also bank accounts. Saving on engagement rings is a wise financial move, and it’s more than possible.

Cross roads encrusted with diamonds ringWhen you consider the average cost of engagement rings ranges between $3,200.00 and $3,500.00 dollars, finding a nice alternative can save you lots of cash. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase an engagement ring that’s crafted with clarity enhanced diamonds.

What does clarity mean, and what are clarity enhanced diamonds? In order to understand what clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings are, you’ve got to know what clarity means.

Clarity refers to how clear or lucid something is. When you are talking about the clarity of a diamond, you’re referring to how clear or without imperfections the stone is. The few imperfections; the more clarity it has. The better clarity; the more valuable the gem becomes.

When diamonds are clarity enhanced this simply means that the imperfections (Called inclusions and blemishes) have been removed or significantly improve by manual manipulation. So how can you save on stunning engagement rings with high quality clarity enhanced rocks?

For starters, you can shop for clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings practically anywhere. Almost all diamond retailers deal with them? Why? Because they know consumers are always looking to save money. Also, you can save money by making sure you know what you’re getting is really a deal.

Are you familiar with the four C’s of the diamond industry? If not, you need to be. The four C’s refer to clarity, color, cut and carat; the four characteristics a rock is graded on; and ultimately valued because of.

Each diamond is scrutinized relative to these traits, and then assigned a grade. It’s the combined grading that reflects in the price of diamond engagement rings. Certification is just as important as the four C’s.

When diamond engagement rigs are certified, it means the stones have been inspected by a reputable and nonbiased gemological laboratory. This also means you can rely on the grades the stone was given.  Familiarize yourself with the four C’s, and always purchase rocks that have been certified.

If you’re asking yourself if clarity enhanced diamonds are real, the answer is yes. They were formed under the same conditions as all diamonds. The only difference is that the imperfections they once had have been manually removed. Are they less valuable? No.

The only reason clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings are usually less expensive, is that there is a greater supply of them. This not only means you can save money, but that your selection is bigger.

If you’re getting ready to take that big step and get engaged, be sure to consider engagement rings crafted with clarity enhanced diamonds. You can save a lot of money, and still get a stunning ring to mark this important event in your lives.