How to Design the Perfect Engagement Ring

If you plan to wed in the future, you have many things to plan and take care of. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is the engagement ring, and you might not want something “off the rack” (that is like many other rings). Designing your own unique ring may be easier than you think and can be very affordable when you choose the right jeweler.


Check out the cuts


You have several selections when it comes to choosing rings. Some people like to start by checking out loose diamonds for sale. There are so many options, it is best to check into all of the different cuts, first. This will give you a good idea of what is available.


Single or Multiple Stones


First decide exactly what you would like to have. For instance, maybe you want a solitaire stone. This is much different than one stone with others surrounding it. Many people choose a square princess cut stone for solitaires as they have a great deal of brilliance and can easily be placed in a setting.

Diamond ribbons engagement ring
Golden Diamond Ring with small stones


Antique styles are very popular and once you visit the website of a quality online jeweler you have many fine selections to check out.


Maybe you are thinking of something with three stones. You can find several selections that are sure to please. As you shop you can easily see what each cut diamond will look like in a setting. It is as simple as pointing and clicking your mouse.


Perhaps you want something beautiful with side stones, in addition to the main diamond. Check out all that is available, and this can give you some excellent ideas. Some online selections let  you see how many different cuts will look like in your ring.


Computer aided design


Maybe you have an idea for the perfect ring. All you have to do is make a drawing or sketch of what you would like to have. Submit the drawing with your ideas to the online jeweler.


After your images are received the jeweler will go to work with CAD (computer aided design) software. This is the high tech way to create three dimensional images of something. Your jeweler will send you the 3D images for your approval.


After approval and any changes are made, the jeweler uses special equipment. This equipment uses your design and creates a perfect model in wax. This makes the casting process easier and will produce your unique and special design that no one else owns.


Complete the set


When you order your engagement ring, you should consider a complete bridal set. This way, you can make sure that you have rings that match perfectly. You will find an enormous amount of selections when you shop online.


In conclusion


Designing your own diamond engagement ring can be a great deal of fun. Choose a reputable online jeweler and you will have a lot of assistance. Whether you select a completely unique design or a combination of what is available, you can be assured of high quality and beauty.