How to Order Loose Diamonds Online

There are many good reasons to shop for loose diamonds. In this tip guide we would like to show you how to order loose diamonds the right way. Buying precious stones on the World Wide Web is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective strategy for owning some of the best selections. Here is our simple tip guide on how to order rocks online.

 Order Loose diamonds-The Guide:

1. Find a trusted online jewellery retailer. A good jeweller provides customer testimonials on the many fine items that they sell. They also provide an easy to find FAQ section that contains many of the most common questions jewellery shoppers often ask. When you see these handy features, you know you are dealing with a top of the line retailer.


2. Point and click to find what you need. Top jewellers provide websites that are easy to understand and navigate. In fact, you can go the main menu and click on “diamonds. Next click on “loose diamonds” and you will see the many fine selections that are available.


order Loose diamonds and design into ring
order Loose diamonds and design into ring

3. Choose the shape you want. For example, you might want round shaped stones or something more elegant like a princess or marquis cut. Radiant cut, pear shaped, and heart shaped diamonds are also available, as well as many others.


4. Select weight and cut. After you know the shape you want, decide how many carats and what type of cut. For instance, you could choose something from .1 to 2 carats of larger. Select an “ideal” or “good” cut, or simply set the search parameters for any type of cut.


5. Check out clarity choices. A diamond’s clarity is determined by how many imperfections it contains. The least amount of imperfections, the higher the clarity. When it comes to clarity you can pick IF all the way to I2. IF stands for internally flawless. Next is VVS or very very slightly included (flawed). VSI, 3 grades of SI, and 2 grades of I.


6. Choose colour. Colour grading starts at “D” for stones that are completely clear and goes all the way up to “Z” for ones with a lot of yellow colour. You also can choose fancy yellow, brown, chocolate, or blue.


7. Select your price range. This makes it very easy to find all the stones that are within your budget. You will not have to waste a lot of time looking at things you cannot afford.


8. Check certificates. This helps you choose the kind of diamond certification you want. There is a complete explanation of certifications at the information section of the website.


9. After making all your selections, hit the “search” button. This gives you a listing of all the available selections. If you do not see what you want, you can email or telephone the jeweller for additional information. Also, you may visit the website and sign up for special sales and offers. This way, you receive an email as soon as money saving promotions are available.


10. Pay for your purchase over a secure online server. Your beautiful diamonds will be delivered to your door.