5 Famous Engagement Proposals and Their Rings

Engagement proposals with exquisite rings have always made headlines. Through the ages men have tried to woo their lady loves by proposing marriage to in style. While some have been conventional, others have been different and out of the box. However, one thing that has remained consistent is a proposal ring. Proposing marriage by ring is considered to be the most romantic and charming idea because rings especially diamond ones represents eternal love and also marks the beginning of a happy conjugal life. When it comes to proposing with rings, celebrities from various fields and descendants of royal families pay extra attention to make it even more special so that the entire world remembers their gesture.  Here are 5 such famous engagement proposals with their glittering and whopping rings.

Famous engagement rings
Famous engagement rings

The first famous engagement proposal with ring to have gone down the pages of history is the one given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the year 1475. The ring had various pieces of diamond making the shape of letter M signifying the name of the would-be bride. It was an exquisite piece which the history still remembers as one of the earliest and best engagement proposals with diamond encrusted ring.

Now who doesn’t know Elizabeth Taylor? Well, all of us know about this famous female actor and also vouch for her beauty. However, what many of us do not know is the weight of the diamond ring Richard Burton proposed her with. Richard Burton proposed Elizabeth Taylor with a 69.42 carats pear shaped diamond ring from the Cartier House. This diamond ring was originally possessed by Harriet Annenberg Ames which was auctioned and then brought by Robert Kenmore, owner of the famed Cartier House with a record sum of $1,050,000. This diamond ring holds the prestigious title of being the first million dollar diamond ring. What more could one ask for? The first million dollar diamond ring for one of the biggest icons of Hollywood!

Another royal proposal that went down the pages of history is the moment when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with a grand diamond engagement ring consisting of 14 solitaires beautifully surrounding an elegant oval blue Ceylon sapphire weighing 12 carats set in white gold of 18 carats. This captivating engagement ring masterfully crafted by jeweler Garrard was also used by Prince William to propose Kate Middleton in the recent years when they got engaged and married to each other. William later confessed that he was carrying the ring in his rucksack on his tour to Kenya, Africa where he proposed to his ladylove. Now, we all know that this marriage has worked successfully with the two of them becoming parents.

In the more recent times Catherine Zeta Jones was proposed by her now husband Michael Douglas with a delicate 10 carat marquise diamond ring which is also an antique piece of jewelry. Michael reportedly shelved $2 million for the ring which is not much in comparison to his stunningly beautiful wife Catherine. Blessed!

We also recall Ben Affleck proposing pop sensation Jennifer Lopez with a 6 carat pink diamond ring who estimated value was $1.2million. The ring has a pink diamond with 3 baguette white diamonds on a platinum band. This is one of the most remembered engagement proposal rings in the contemporary times.

The most recent engagement proposal came from Kanye West when he proposed and serenaded his girlfriend Kim Kardashian in front of her friends and family at AT&T Park by gifting her 15 carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring whose estimated value is around $8 million. We don’t think any of us is going to forget it soon.