Diamond and Diamond Jewelry Trends 2014

Diamond is the gemstone that never goes out of trend. Diamond jewelry is always in vogue and it simply changes its shape to remain a heartthrob and trendsetter. Whether with an evening gown or with a trendy pair of jeans diamond and diamond jewelries add the finishing touch to any dress you wear. Diamond jewelry is most often that outstanding piece of jewelry one wears which becomes the cynosure in any occasion. It adds glamour, elegance and uniqueness to the personality of the wearer.

As mentioned above diamond is for all seasons and reasons and it just changes the shapes, colors, sizes and items to remain constant in any fashionista’s life; we will now see the diamond jewelry trends of  2104.

Diamond Pendant
Diamonds jewellery

Diamond jewelry designs inspired by the Edwardian, Victorian and art deco era have always had their loyal followers and have retained their position in the hearts of diamond lovers. Architectural design and intricate scrollwork from the art deco influence and floral designs from the Victorian era is highly in demand for necklaces, rings and bracelets. From the end of last year through this year, there has been a resurgence of royal designs and forms in diamond jewelry. Large stones surrounded by smaller ones with intricate patterns and multiple layers have become the choicest form of diamond jewelry now, especially for the weddings.

Colored diamonds have become the talk of the season. They are pretty, fun and amazingly trendy. Diamonds ranging from pretty pink to canary yellow are appearing on the rings, bracelets, neckpieces, earrings. Women who love to experiment with their looks and styles are opting for colored diamonds to match with their dresses and their personality. For women who love to make bold fashion statements champagne, chocolaty hued, warm earth tones are ideal choice while the more girly ones can relish their pink diamond.

Speaking of experimentation, diamond has started appearing in brooches nowadays. One of the latest trends in diamond jewelryis the diamond encrusted brooches. Adding more dazzle to a jacket teamed with denim or cashmere, rocking the frock with a stones brooch on your shoulder or tying your hair up with a chic sparkling stone; brooches are just everywhere. It seems like ladies have found a diamond jewelry piece they can use in anyway and rock the look. Whether securing a scarf or adorning a beret diamonds of every color, shape and size are coming with the brooches. It is the perfect blend of antique and modern with designs ranging from simple to combinations with pearls and unique animal and insect patterns. So, next time you find other women talking about your style just enjoy it!

Flowers and moons on diamond jewelry have also caught the eyes of women adorning themselves with diamond jewelry. Sparkly butterflies, leafy designs, fruits, flowers and moon have become the favorite of women who are romantic by nature and that counts majority of women. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets bearing moons, stars, and astrological signs are quickly becoming part of women’s wardrobe. Did I just give you an idea on proposing your beloved?

Not only are the diamond colors going for a change but also the choice of metals for the jewelry items. People these days are opting for diamond pieces with metallic combinations unlike earlier times when only one metal was used for a particular piece. While platinum and silver continue to rule the hearts of people for being the choicest metal for diamond jewelry, a dash of gold in it is adding a zing preferred by lots. Especially with the vintage designer diamond pieces making a comeback yellow and rose gold are quite in vogue now.