Before You Buy Engagement Rings in the USA

Before You Buy Engagement Rings in the USA

Shopping for engagement rings is a special time in life. You want everything to be just right and there are several things to take into consideration before you spend your hard earned money. Here are some tips for getting the best deals and finding exactly what you want and need.


Your budget is the most important thing to consider. After all, why waste time looking at things you can’t afford? This can only lead to frustration and needless headaches. Some say you should spend at least a month’s income, while other online sources recommend as high as three month’s earnings.

The truth is, there is no set amount and you should not go so far in debt that it creates hardship, and that is certainly no way to start a marriage. Both man and woman should sit down and discuss the cost. If you plan to finance the purchase, consider how the payments will affect your household budget now and in the future.

Blue sapphire and diamonds
Blue sapphire and diamonds


Where to Finance?

Some local jewelers offer financing for your purchase, but they may not always be the best sources to turn to. For example, you might get a much lower price with an online jeweler and you can place the purchase on a charge card, or pay off the balance in six months.

Loose diamonds

OK, you have the money situation straightened out and it’s time to go shopping. Before you check out all the pre-made options, explore all the possibilities when you shop loose diamonds for sale. For instance, you can choose from many different cuts and sizes.

Choosing the Setting

Once you have the stone you can now choose the setting. There are many choices, so will need to take the time to browse.

Budget stretching strategies

It’s always best to get more diamonds for your money when you shop, and here are some strategies to consider:

  • Go slightly smaller – If the decision is between a 0.08 carat and a 0.09 carat stone, the smaller one is usually less expensive and there is not a great deal of difference in size.
  • Consider a clarity enhanced stone – The imperfections are repaired and they cannot be easily distinguished from un-enhanced stones. You can save as much as fifty percent and you also can afford to buy a much bigger stone for the same money.
  • Look at the metal – You may save money by choosing white gold over platinum.

Check certificates

Not all diamonds are the same and it is best to get some kind of quality assurance. If you are buying a stone over 0.40 carats it should have one of these certifications:

  • EGL or European Gemological Laboratory
  • GIA or Gemological Institute of America
  • EGS or Empire Gemological Services

Shop together

American men love to surprise their “brides to be” by picking diamond engagement rings themselves. However, it may be best to pop the question and then both of you shop for rings. That way, you will get the best one. After all, this is supposed to last forever.