Clarity Enhanced Diamond Engagement Rings – Affordable Quality

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Engagement Rings – Affordable Quality

If you are shopping for engagement rings, clarity enhanced diamonds can be a good choice. The flaws have been removed and repaired through a special process, and only an expert can tell on close examination. In fact, there are many good reasons to invest in these beautiful stones.


Whether you want the perfect ring or loose diamonds for sale, cost is the most important factor. Naturally, most people want to buy the biggest and most brilliant stone that they can afford, especially when shopping diamond engagement rings. It is sometimes possible to purchase a lovely stone for about half the price of an un-enhanced one, when you choose clarity enhanced (CE).

With the money you save, you may wish to purchase a larger diamond. However, you also can spend the money on a more elaborate engagement ring setting. Either way, you get quite a bit more for your money with this strategy.

Engagement ring with Princess side Aquamarines






Engagement rings should be impressive. After all, many women love to show them off and brag about their wonderful fiancés and men love to brag about the lovely ring they bought for their sweethearts. With clarity enhanced stones you can afford to purchase a more impressive ring, and no one can tell the difference (unless you mention it).


Quality is just as important as cost, because no one wants to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring only to have problems with it. When you shop with a quality online jeweler like diamonds USA, you can be assured of the highest quality. In fact, their clarity enhanced diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee. Should anything happen, they will be more than happy to make any necessary repairs, and for no charge.


Enhanced stones are just as durable as ones that have not been enhanced. They will last for generations and look just as beautiful years from now as today. However, if they are subjected to very high heat (like from a jewelry repair torch) it may cause damage. Yet, as long as the jeweler is aware that you have an enhanced stone, there should be no problems.


Due to the much lower price of clarity enhanced diamonds, you can be more flexible with your options when shopping engagement rings. For example, you can choose a more expensive cut like a heart shaped stone. You also may wish to purchase a ring with side stones like aquamarine or amethyst, and of course you can always add more diamonds.

Common misconceptions about clarity enhanced diamonds

Clarity enhanced stones are real natural diamonds. They should never be confused with manmade or synthetically produced stones. The only difference between an enhanced stone and a natural one, is specific flaws have been repaired to enhance the beauty, brilliance, and fire.

Your right to beautiful diamonds and jewelry

Everyone should have the right to purchase beautiful diamond engagement rings at a price that does not break the budget or create financial hardship. There is no need to sacrifice quality when you pay less for your diamonds, and with clarity enhanced diamonds set or loose Diamonds USA assures you of the highest quality and the lowest of prices.