7 Points to Remember When Buying Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

If you are interested in saving money on diamonds, you may wish to check into stones that are clarity enhanced. The flaws have been removed to give you stones of excellent clarity and most people will not be able to tell the difference. However, there are some things to know before you shop for these stones.

  1. Clarity enhanced stones are real diamonds

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the clarity enhancement process refers to artificial or fake diamonds. Nothing could be further from the truth on this matter. Clarity enhanced or C.E. stones are just as real as any other mined diamonds you will find. The only difference is, the flaws have been corrected to improve their brilliance.


  1. Keep them away from excessive heat

The process of enhancement uses special materials to fill microscopic cracks or feathers. As a result, if the diamonds are subjected to a lot of heat, this can affect the enhancement. However, this does not refer to high outdoor temperatures. It refers to using a flame or high heat for common jewellery repairs. If you ever need repairs done in the future, the jeweller needs to be informed that the diamond has been clarity enhanced. This will avoid damage.

  1. Your C.E. stone is just as durable as other diamonds

The process of enhancing clarity will not affect the strength of the stone. It will not be subject to cracking, splitting, or any other type of damage.

  1. Buy your stones from a jeweller that offers a lifetime guarantee

When you purchase a clarity enhanced diamond for engagement rings or other types of jewellery, choose a jeweller that gives you a lifetime guarantee. If it ever needs repairs, they will be taken care of free of charge.

  1. Your diamonds will retain their value over time

You will not lose money on your investment. C.E. stones retain value like other diamonds. In fact, many jewellers report that clarity enhanced diamonds have better trade in value over non-enhanced stones. The process of enhancing the clarity of diamonds, does not lower or diminish their value. Instead, it makes them more appealing.

  1. Buy C.E. stones like other diamonds

When you shop clarity enhanced diamonds, the 4Cs are just as important as any other diamond purchase. Higher clarity and larger stones will cost more. The cut of the stone is very important as is the colour.

  1. Experience matters a great deal in the diamond industry

You can get a much larger stone for your money with clarity enhanced diamonds. This can allow you to buy more impressive loose diamonds, vintage engagement rings, and many other fine items of jewellery. However, you should choose your jeweller carefully. For example, Diamonds-USA has been providing clarity enhanced stones to customers for many years. We have a large variety selections and satisfied customers all over the world today. You can depend on Diamonds-USA for high quality as well as top rated customer service. We stand behind all our products and offer a ten day money back guarantee on your purchase.