Buying Engagement Rings Online – 2015 Updated Guide

When a man asks a woman to marry him, it is usually followed by a diamond engagement ring. Some people choose to shop locally for engagement rings but many are seeing the benefits of using the World Wide Web for their jewelry needs. If you decide to shop online here is a guide to help make the process easier and less expensive.

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Don’t forget the 4 Cs

No matter if you shop rings, loose diamonds, and other jewelry locally or online, when it comes to diamonds, the 4 Cs are always very important. Let’s go over them to make sure you know what they mean.

  • Color – for clear diamonds, this is about how much yellow coloring a diamond has. D is colorless and the most prized, while Z is the most colored. You can save a lot when you select a stone with a little more color.
  • Cut – this is not really about the shape but the quality of the cut, to reflect the most light, and it can make a big difference in luminescence.
  • Clarity – most diamonds have some kinds of flaws, and this can affect the price a great deal. You also can select clarity enhanced diamonds to save money.
  • Carats – size matters a great deal and larger diamonds tend to be more expensive.

Do you want vintage?

The antique look is very popular these days, and many reputable online jewelers have several types of vintage styles. Choose a jeweler that provides the most selections, and you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

Check for diamond certificates

Certificates are very important. Go with EGL or GIA, and some jewelers provide their own diamond certificates. As long as do business with a trusted diamond retailer, these stones should be fine.

Go with a reputable seller

Finding the right jeweler is just as important as buying the right diamond engagement rings. When you shop with a business you can trust, you are assured of the highest quality jewelry. Plus, you will receive one of the best guarantees in the business. For example, a jeweler like Diamonds-USA provides a 10 day ten money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase, no questions asked.

Tips for getting the right ring

Shopping online is one of the most convenient ways you can shop. Plus, you also have the option of buying loose diamonds and having them set into jewelry that you design yourself.

When you shop you may want to check out diamonds first and then look at the available settings. However, you also can shop settings and then see which stones are available. With many local jewelry shops, you may have limited selections on diamond cuts and metals. However, this is not the case with top online jewelers. You can find the perfect ring and then check out what it looks like in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

If you are concerned about purchasing conflict free diamonds, always check the website to make sure the jeweler only deals in stones with Kimberly certificates.