15 Engagement Ring Trends Guaranteed to “Rock” the UK in 2016

2016 is hhalo diamantesere and this is the year many couples decide to marry. Once this decision is made, one must shop for diamond engagement rings, but what is considered in vogue in the UK for this year? Let’s take a look at 15 trends that are certain to be the rage.

  1. Halo rings. They were popular last year and halo diamond engagement rings are still going strong. There are many options too, like round halos, square halos, single, double, and even triple halo rings.
  2. Vintage. Many people are still choosing the look of yesterday and there are plenty of excellent selections in which to choose. You can find some excellent, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and many other elaborate styles, including stunning replica rings.
  3. Rose gold. Although many rings are available in rose gold and other metals, this option remained in the background for many years. However, many women want to be different in 2016 and rose gold provides some interesting contrast patterns and colours.
  4. Floral designs. Flowers are always popular but diamond engagement rings with a floral motif are gaining in popularity.
  5. Emerald cut. Celebrities are the trend settings when it comes to rings and Mariah Carey’s ten million dollar beauty is sure to turn many heads and influence purchases for 2016. The ring features an enormous 35 carat emerald cut stone and baguettes.
  6. Thin bands with large diamonds. Bands seem to be getting thinner and diamonds larger and a perfect example is the ring worn by Anna Camp.
  7. Dark colours. Dark is in this year and you should be seeing more fancy brown, chocolate, and even black diamonds, very soon.
  8. Yellow diamonds. Yellow stones make such a great colour contrast and this trend is still popular. It’s also still very much in vogue with the rich and famous.
  9. Eternity rings. This is one of the best ways to be different and still own a diamond engagement ring you can be proud of. Eternity rings are so versatile and easy to stack too.
  10. Infinity rings. You may not have seen too many infinity rings lately but they are catching on fast. A diamond is forever but an infinity design declares “forever” in a bold statement. What better way to state she is forever yours than with one of these special rings?
  11. Double bands. A double band is the perfect way to accent a solitaire stone and make it appear larger and more impressive. In fact, this style enhances the entire ring.
  12. The split band look. Instead of placing a solitaire diamond in prongs, why not go with a split band design? It provides a unique look for many different cuts. This is sometimes called an “over/under” style.
  13. Three stone rings. If one is great, then three must be really great. Three stone diamond engagement rings provide flair and come in many styles and precious metal selections.
  14. Pink. The colour pink is very popular and if you can’t afford a pink diamond, you can find something in a lovely pink sapphire ring.
  15. Marquis cut. This “eye shaped” stone provides a most unique appearance and that “one of a kind” look many people are seeking.

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