Clarity enhanced diamonds in big sizes are common today

Clarity enhanced diamonds are common these days, even in big carat sizes:

First comes the diamond than the ring:

. Recently a we designed a custom made ring for a 5 Carat G SI2 clarity

enhanced diamond, It starts with the 3d computer designing, this gives the following output:

6 claws ring for the 5.29 carats G SI2, Clarity Enhanced center
The big clarity enhanced diamond is nested in a 6 prongs house

After we approve the safety of the center diamond in all aspects we send the 3d file to 3d printing and metal casting (this case it was casted in Platinum 95%). The 5 carat clarity enhanced round diamond in the center will be safely secured with 6 prongs (claws). The end product ring is looking like this:

Big Clarity Enhanced diamond of 5 carat in rose gold engagement ring
The big Clarity Enhanced diamond in the center is a 5 carat G SI2

Clarity enhanced diamonds has a strong market in days of shaking economies, it is all about saving a lot when choosing the clarity enhanced diamonds, they look the same
but cost much less and only you know your diamond is a clarity enhanced diamond. gives

Clarity enhanced diamonds set in 6 prongs ring
Clarity enhanced diamonds of 5 carat in the custom made ring

Terms and condition of buying Clarity Enhanced diamonds at

In we give life time warranty on the clarity enhancement process.
Even though that it is forbidden to put open torch fire on the diamond or the jewel, if that occurred by mistake we will re do the enhancement with no additional cost.

Clarity Enhanced Diamond cleaning instructions and tips:

Clarity enhanced diamond can loose it’s enhancement if it is exposed to open torch fire.
Second option that will fade the enhancement away is submerging the clarity enhanced diamond in a very strong acid chamber that is heated to hundreds oc degrees Celsius.

All other cleaning agents, sopes, ultrasonic cleaning, Amonia based jewelry cleaner are absolutely safe to use on a clarity enhanced diamond.