Diamond Engagement Rings Worth a Second Look, Even Third.

Diamond engagement rings Worth a Second Look, Even Third

You don’t get down on one knee every day to propose your significant other for marriage. This is a big step towards strengthening your bond and promises your long lasting commitment with your partner.   And when we come to think about it, every proposal is unique and every story as inspiring as others. You just need to look at the right places.

We believe each couple is unique, and this is why today, we are going to talk about rings that truly stand out from the conventional design. Read along…

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

No list of interesting engagement ring designs is going to be complete without mentioning this amazing color variation to the normal yellow or white gold. The best apart about this shade is that it suits all skin tones. And the shade is as romantic as the couple.

rose engagement rings


Colored Diamond Engagement rings

We all love to adorn an engagement ring with a shiny piece of white or colorless diamond. And then there are the selected few who like to travel down the fancy road and go for the extraordinary: the colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are quite rare, and depending on the rarity, also come at a hefty price.

If your pocket allows, we suggest you go for the colored ones. Not only are they as unique as your love, but they’ll make everyone want to take a second look at your ring.


Blue diamond, color enhanced
A 1 carat Blue diamond,
color enhanced
Natural Chocolate brown diamond
1 carat Chocolate brown
diamond, Natural color








Vivid Yellow Cushion
Fancy Vivid Yellow Color Enhanced Diamond

Vintage Design Diamond Engagement rings

Vintage designs have always been admired by everyone. They may or may not suit hands of all shapes, but that doesn’t bring down the charm of a classic ring. Inspired by the Victorian era, and the royal families, this royal design oozes with sheer class and make your woman admire the ring and think of you every time she looks at it.

Vintage diamond engagement ring Halo
Vintage Halo diamond engagement ring



Intricate Diamond Engagement rings with Side Work

What better than a ring that looks amazing? The answer is: a ring that looks downright beautiful from all angles. It doesn’t matter where you are looking from at a ring with amazing side work, you’ll get a great view all the time! From the brilliant center stone to the delicate yet equally beautiful side work, this design will make your jaw drop with awe every time you look at it.

Intricate diamond engagement ring
Intricate engagement ring
with nature motif



Pear and Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

As much as we all love the classic round diamonds, we just can’t deny or ignore the beauty of a pear shaped and marquise cut diamond engagement ring. The best part about this shape is that it instantly makes fingers look longer and more slender then they actually are! Plus, the tapered cuts look absolutely stunning!

Marquise diamond engagement ring
Marquise diamond engagement ring, vintage style


Double Bands Pear diamond Engagement rings

Thanks to the double bands arranged in a beautiful manner, these rings are twice as beautiful and give the rings a progressive look.

Double band diamond engagement ring
Pear in Halo diamond engagement ring and wedding ring


Mixed Metals diamond Engagement rings

If you can’t choose which color of metal you should be going for, well, why don’t you mix ‘n’ match? Want some white? Sure! You can opt for silver, platinum or white gold! Then you’ve got the evergreen yellow gold, and then there is the rose gold! See, here it comes again.

Check out the trinity ring if you aren’t sure about mixing metals.

Wondering from where you should get you ring? Now that is the easy part! Simply log on to www.Diamonds-USA.com and you get to choose from a wide variety of ring designs. You can also get you custom rings designed. And just in case you’ve got pictures of your favorite design, just email them the pictures and you’ll get your ring designed exactly how you wanted.

Two colors diamond engagement rings
Two colors diamond engagement ring, White and Rose gold