Big Clarity enhanced Diamonds pricing

Big clarity enhanced Diamonds pricing
Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are available is a wide range of sizes, shapes and qualities that influence their price. The grading of clarity enhanced Diamonds big or small are done after the enhancement process, their certification also. They have the same rules of non-enhanced diamonds, only cost much less. Diamonds with an excellent cut grade will be the most brilliant, sparkling and reflect maximum fire as compared to good cut grade and thus, will be priced higher. Let’s take a further look at the factors that influence the cost of these shiny allotropes of carbons:
The Shape:
The most popular diamond shape for engagement rings is the Round Brilliant Cut, which is followed by the Princess Cut. Any cut other than round falls under the category of Fancy Shape Diamond. The best examples of Fancy Cuts would be Princess, Asscher, Cushion, Heart, Oval, Pear, Radiant, Trilliant, Marquise and Emerald cuts. Round Cut Diamonds require maximum labor in polishing and cutting. Also, a considerable portion of a rough diamond to give it a brilliant round cut. These factors play a major role in the high price of round cuts diamonds vs non round.

Clarity: Influential Factor
The clarity of a diamond is one factor that determines its price. Diamonds with high clarity grades (VVS1 or VVS2) have inclusions which are so hard to find that even under a microscope of x30. These high purity diamonds are rare to find as compared to diamonds with slight to visibly prominent inclusions. Their rarity is a big contributor towards their high price. After all, rarity does come with a price tag.

The Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds, also called the Loupe Clean grade are the rarest specimens and fetch the highest price. It is rare to find a Clarity Enhanced diamond with VVS clarity and impossible to find an internally flawless (IF) one.

In big clarity enhanced diamonds make sure the inclusions are not visible Even if they were graded VS2 to SI2.

Color Makes a Difference Too
Color is an essential factor that determines a clarity enhanced diamond’s worth. The color grading of diamonds ranges from D to Z. Colorless diamonds, the ones that show least tint of color fetch higher prices than their slightly colored and prominently colored counterparts. And then we have Fancy colored diamonds, which are known to fetch highest prices because of, again, their rarity. In big clarity enhanced diamonds like in all big diamonds the color is significant by the size. Make sure to ask the supplier of the big diamond if the diamond looks white even if it is G H I colors.

Cut Influences the Price of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
As long as the Clarity Enhanced diamond looks white and 100% clean to the unaided eyes, the only difference between VS1 and SI1 will be in your pocket. Did you know, that the color and clarity just can’t make up for the diamond if it’s been ruined by a poor cut? That’s true, because it’s the cut of a diamond that brings out the sparkling brilliance of an otherwise naturally rough piece. A poor cut would result in imbalanced reflections and make a diamond look dull. Therefore I take the Cut as the most important beauty factor.
What carat are Big Clarity Enhanced diamonds?
We take as big CE diamond a diamond of 3 carats and bigger. Contrary to the popular belief, Carat is not a unit of size, but weight. Two identical specimens of may have different carat weight. In the same way, two diamonds that weight the same may have different sizes. It all depends on the weight distribution of a diamond.

Some diamonds have major weight concentrated on their girdle, pavilion or at the bottom, and this may make a diamond appear not as heavy as it actually is. There’s no denying to the fact that diamonds are sold by their carat weight. Once a diamond is cut, its weight determines its cost.
So now that you know the factors that determine the price of a big Clarity Enhanced diamond, it’s time we tell you about another important factor: Certification. This factor is important because you can’t always believe the words of a jeweler.

A diamond which certified by institutes like GIA, EGL, AGS, IGI IGL etc. goes through strict evaluation and assessment. Buying a certified diamond means the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat mentioned in the certificate are genuine and you are buying the best quality for your budget. You can buy the best quality certified Clarity Enhanced diamonds online here .


Big clarity enhanced diamonds sample, 6.20 Cts
A big clarity enhanced diamond of 6.20 carat