Antique engagement rings

Wouldn’t it be great to travel back into the past to a time where life was much simpler? There would be no rushing around and busy schedules to worry about, and no computers, smart phones, or World Wide Web but what about the daimonds trends would they be any different? Antique style diamonds and diamond engagement rings offer a glimpse of how things used to be, and perhaps that is why they are becoming so popular. Here is a look at some of the great rings you can own that are reminiscent of days gone by.

Victorian era diamonds trends

Similar diamond ring from
Similar diamond ring from

The time of Queen Victoria saw some amazing changes to the world. By the late Nineteenth Century the horseless carriage appeared and the wonder of electricity was fascinating many people. Bathrooms were moving inside of homes and a mini renaissance was under way in industry, fashion, and science. All of these things had a profound effect on diamonds and jewelry.

During the late 1800s diamonds became more plentiful in Europe, as India was part of the British Empire and a source for diamonds. In fact, South Africa and Australia were also a part of the Empire. In the mid 1800s floral design was very common in jewelry.

You will find excellent examples of Victorian diamond engagement rings at your online jeweler. A typical model includes a pave setting. This kind of setting contains many small diamonds surrounded by a lovely round solitaire stone. The main difference between antique style and modern is the attention to detail and intricate work.

Art Deco diamonds trends 

After the First World War, the world entered a time of change and the Roaring 20s saw women getting more freedom and more people taking time to enjoy life. Art deco rings have some amazing geometric shapes and bold designs. Platinum was very popular then and is an excellent choice of metal for your vintage ring. However, you also can choose white gold for that vintage look.

Edwardian diamonds trends

The Edwardian period was in the time of King Edward VII in the early part of the 20th Century. Diamond engagement rings from this era are very ornate and intricate in design, including the bands. This was before the geometric shapes and designs of the Art Deco era. Everything about this kind of diamond ring says, “elegance”.

During this period, extravagance and luxury were in vogue and it shows in the way the diamond jewelry was made. Great care was taken to produce some of the most beautiful and elaborate designs. Filigree design was common in those days. Filigree utilizes metal work to form small and detailed artwork. You can see beautifully made flowers and climbing vines along with other intricate details in the jewelry, and this work is not easy to reproduce today.

Diamond trends and cuts of yesteryear

Most diamonds of the past were round brilliant cut. However, square cut Old European and Old Mine Cut were also popular. Although you will not normally see these cuts, today’s reproductions feature round and princess cuts, and you can choose from many different cuts in some selections. This will make your vintage ring, most unique. You have many options for vintage diamond engagement rings when you shop at your online jeweler.