Earring Trends in 2018

Earring Trends in 2018

If your predilection for earrings of sundry shapes and sizes go back a long time, odds are you are all set to acquire as many as you can during the course of this year. Well, you are in luck because 2018 is going to be explosive for earring lovers. Enthusiast will see ear jewelries of all sizes and styles going up and down the popularity ranks. To prepare you for this year’s earring fashion, I’ve rounded up the earrings that are going to broadly represent this year’s trends. Let’s begin then.

Studs: To start at the staples, this year, studs are going to rule. If these versatile beauties are your all-time favorites too, then you will be blown away with the enormous selection of choices that await the buyers this year. Studs this year will be seen mostly in yellow gold paired with all kinds of gems and minerals like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and such. From classy to cool, there will be kinds to flatter everyone’s style.

Hoops: Yes, hoops are going to stay this year, but in much evolved forms. The hoops you will see this year are nothing like the ones that became popular go-to ear wears last year. This year, hoops take up a much glitzy avatar. They will shine with crystals and diamonds. Although the retro effect of original hoops won’t be lost in these earrings, they will exhibit a particularly modern twist, something that was not seen in hoops before. So, with that said, sparkling hoops are going to be the mainstay this year. If you don’t mind a little razzle dazzle, then these pieces can be your favorite accompaniments to Saturday night parties.

Huggies: Remember these versatile earrings that saved you in days you didn’t feel like decking up too heavily? Well, they are back this year, but with a little bit added to their older forms. Expect to see a lot of stonework on them this year, something that will elevate them to the status of party jewelry. But worry not, because huggies even in 2018 are going to be dainty enough to be worn to work, when running errands or to a friends’ get-together.

Statement Earrings: One of the biggest highlights of this year are these fantastic statement pieces. They may break your bank for a good few months, but they are worth the dime. If you keep an eye on the tabloids, these pieces are already showing up on celebs and socialites, and going by the looks of it, these pieces are going to be everywhere this year. True that they are a bit on the heavy side and that’s the reason why you want to save them for the special occasions.

Ear Chain: Ear chains are going to be big this year. A fair negotiation between statement earring and studs, these pieces are already loved for their versatility. They are dainty enough to be worn to work, and eye-catching enough to stand out in parties and places where everyone is loaded with flashy baubles.