5 top famouse fancy colored diamonds

World Top 5 Priciest famouse fancy colored diamonds


Owning a diamond the size of a rock (not literally) is a matter of pride. It’s something that takes the whole of life’s jewelry fund for some. For more affluent buyers, they come easier, but for a price. While some diamonds are for purchase, there are some massive ones that beyond the affordability of the 99% of the population. To this day, 5 such diamonds have been known to exist that can be labeled as the most expensive gems in the world. If your love for diamond is overwhelming, here is a short piece that may make a nice read for you.

Chopard’s Blue Diamond

Picture of the famouse fancy blue Oval
Fancy Blue Oval diamond

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Chopard’s blue diamond is mounted on a ring which has been rated as one of the rarest and most beautiful diamond jewelry of all time. This piece is prized for its exclusivity and prestige. It is an oval-shaped diamond, blue in color and weighs 9 carats. The stone is set in an 18 carat white gold jewelry. The stone is accented by clear triangular diamonds on all sides. The Chopard blue diamond is priced at $16. 26 million, which for the record is the least pricy in our list.

Heart of the Ocean

Picture of the 15 carat Fancy blue Heart diamond
The famous Titanic 15 carat Fancy Blue heart diamond

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The second most beautiful diamond of all time, and also one of the most expensive ones is the Heart of the Ocean, famously introduced to public eye by a replica in Titanic, the movie. Set in a necklace as shown in the movie, this diamond is 15 carats in weight and is worth $20 million. Funny thing is, with the fame and glory accrued by the stone from the movie itself, even the knock off Heart of Ocean neckpieces won’t sell for lesser than $3 million.

Laurence Graff Pink Diamond

Picture of Graff's pink emerald diamond in a ring
Graff’s 25 carats Fancy pink diamond

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Laurence Graff, a private collector bought a pink diamond that was priced $1.85 million for every carat. Set in a platinum ring, this one came with a price tag of $46.2 million, which, like the Heart of the Ocean, was also a product of Harry Winston. The stone weighs a massive 24.78 carat and is titled one of the most precious of diamonds ever mined on this terra firma. The stone was shaped into a rectangular cut with delicate round corners.

The Perfect Pink Diamond

Picture of the fancy perfect pink Oval diamond
The perfect fancy pink color diamond

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The perfect pink diamond is a magnificent colored diamond that weighs 14.23 carat and costs $23.2 million. They call it the “perfect” pink diamond for its high-grade color, perfect cut and crystal clarity. The stone features a pink shade that is so rare in diamonds that records state there are only 18 other pieces that have been valued this high so far.

L’Incomparable Diamond Neckpiece

A picture of diamonds neckpiece
400 carats of mixed diamond colors

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The priciest entry on this list is the L’Incomparable necklace. Embedded with diamonds weighing 407.48 carats, this necklace is worth a crippling $5 million. What’s remarkable about this piece is that the diamond it bears not only clear ones, but yellow diamonds. The necklace is designed using 91 diamonds cut differently. Of the total weight, 229.52 carat is achromatic while the rest is colored diamonds. The chain is crafted with 18 carat rose gold.

Necklace Trends 2017

Necklace Trend 2017

A new wave of fashion has crashed on the shores of 2017, demanding an overhaul of everything existent. With the tide, a number of original ideas have washed up ashore. In jewelries, there are quite a few new additions that have come to us so far. Speaking strictly of neckpieces, the year has started with a galore of very minimal and contemporary pieces that make easy picks for ladies with peculiar and predictable tastes. Let’s take a look at some of the necklaces that are going to be everything this year, starting with the first that arrived in the stores and wardrobes.

Personalized Initialed Necklaces: After the nameplate necklaces, this is what followed. Personalized initialed necklaces are going to occupy a front position in the display this year. Hooked to a lean gold chain, gold letter hang in a semi-linear form spelling a name. A very minimalist design, this necklace is going to be seen a lock in necks of women of all ages this year. In addition to being very classy, it is a great addition to your collection, considering that it literally wears the name of its owner.

Picture of initials Nec klace
Designers initials necklace

Dog Tag Mini Pendants: Up until the last year, dog tags were a thing exclusively for men. This year, these tags have travelled the extra mile to become a part of women’s fashion. Only this time, the tags are a touch more delicate and embellished than their dented and rough counterpart. Dog tags for women are too seen personalized with initial engravings, with diamonds sprinkled over the indents. These tags can be worn with short ball chains. Again, they go with both formal and casual wears. No need to swap them for something else for the Friday nights either.

Picture of dog tags pendants
Endrasted with diamonds dog tag pendants

Mixed Metal Chains: This is, by far, the most interesting entry on the list. After two-toned rings, the idea has been inculcated in necklaces. This concept necklace is a wonderful creation of imagination. Mixed metal chains are otherwise regular chains, with only one difference, it is a combination of gold and silver. The two chains are joined together by a link, or loop at the center. These chains are normally worn in short lengths. But, if it suits you, you can get a long necklace made for the parties, events and even interviews. Mixed metal chains are also predicted to become a big hit with long-sleeve t-shirts and graphic hoodies.


Chunky Chain Chockers: Chunky chain chokers can be compared to nothing that I’ve seen in recent times. These pieces resemble real chains in every way, except that they are made of precious metals like gold and platinum. The Mixed metal theme is incorporated in chain chokers too, and when you see one, you will know exactly why. The chockers, unlike traditional chockers, do not sit tightly around the neck, but fall firmly at the base of the neck. An inverted loop forms the pendant at the center. This may make you poorer by a substantial figure, but is worth every dime.

Picture of two Gold chockers with medallions
The very trendy gold chocker with a medallion

Jewelries That You Haven’t Paid Much Attention to Last Year

While the world is too caught with their focus on hooked on the newly arrived diamond studs and platinum bracelets, the industry is continuously producing a genre of jewelry that is often overlooked or ignored by the crowd. 2017 presents enough reason for you to pause to look at these pieces that are, for all intents and purposes, both rare and ravishing. It’s the year of fashion revival and therefore, old pieces are arguably unfashionable. Each of the pieces named and discussed below have existed for long enough for enthusiasts to know them by their names. Here is a brief illumination on the pieces and how they can elevate your fashion quotient.

Body Chain: So far, you must have seen body chain on actresses and supermodels alone. It is time to usher them from the ramp into your day to day collection. Body chains are extravagant, they are chic and they are quite like nothing you have. Just like shoulder chains, body chains can be worn with deep-cut dresses that show off body jewelries. Body chains are best worn with long gowns with plain necklines. Even a touch of embellishment around the neckline can ruin the show of a body chain. So, keep it simple.

Picture of gold chains
Body Gold chains, the more the better

Thigh Chain: You have seen a garter before, but a thigh chain is definitely a first-time for anybody. These pieces have made its way into the market very recently. Some high fashion jewelry stores have specially designed and launched their own collection of thigh chains to interest women who have a taste for offbeat pieces. Best to go with side-slit gowns and even short skirts, multi-layered thigh chains are what’s sending ripples across the market right now. If you want to buy one just for a trial, then go for a single strand chain with some charms.

Golden Thigh Chains
Golden Thigh Chains

Charm Anklet: Anklets are not new, but gold and platinum ones sure are. Jewelers in 2017 are relaunching these exquisite pieces by bringing to the market a rich collection of precious anklets, some even sprinkled with gemstones. Charm anklets go with pretty much anything from dressy sandals to casual tennis shoes. You can wear them with mid-length skirts, short dresses, paddle pushers and whatnot. Charm anklets are put together with multiple charms hanging from a sleek chain that sits around the stem of the leg. Unlike charm bracelets, these anklets have the advantage of gravity that keeps the charms hanging downward at all times.

Picture of anklet charms
Sea mofits anklet charms

Toes Rings: Toe rings are a derivation from tribal jewelries. The tribes in Africa, to this day, have toes rings as one of their everyday jewelries. Gold and platinum toes rings are a novelty in the market. We haven’t seen much of these in the last year, but this year, they are everywhere. Toes rings match with both casual and party wear, as long as you are not wearing pumps and peep toes. They normally come in adjustable sizes and are worn between second, third and fourth toes fingers.

Picture of foot fingers rings
Who said we have 10 fingers for rings?

Men’s jewelry trends

Men’s Jewelries That Are Yay This Year

The Venn diagram of fashion for men and women shows an incredibly thin slice of common space at the point of intersection. That, in essence, points to how different men and women fashions really are. The things that up in fashion in the ladies’ department has little to do with the artefacts that stand at the upper rung in the men’s section. However, without debating on the difference and dichotomy of the two subjects, let’s talk about what this article is supposed to be about. So, here are the things that are way up in the rank in men’s jewelry this year.

As always, the Hollywood celebs and stylists are the ones to get the trend started with their trailblazing fashion statements.

Safety Pin Earrings

Let’s start with Johnny Depp, who in these days, is one of the figures to look up in contemporary fashion. Though sometimes, some celebs are seen to wear more bling than a Vegas showgirl, Depp keeps it shiny, but easy. Depp practically won the People’s Choice award this year with this Venn diagram that he sported in one ear in the event. The interesting thing about this curiously shaped earrings is that he wore 4 of them, all on his lobes. Now, if you don’t mind an extra two piercings or a little jangle of gold danglers in your ears, this is quite fashionable.

1 safety pin earrings

Pinky Rings

Pinky rings or promise rings are quite a thing of fashion in women’s world. But apparently, this one thing has slipped through a tiny crack in between to make it to the men’s section. Actor Colin Farrell was one of the firsts to be seen wearing these rings, and guess what, they look quite fashionably, in contrary to the common assumptions. Farrell was seen wearing a black gemstone gold pinky ring which was moderately sized and that, beside the platinum band on this ring finger looked pretty darn cool. So, gemstone pinky rings are way up the ranks in men’s fashion this year.

Picture of Promise ring
Men Promise rings

Medallion Pendant

If you are a man all about embracing fashion, these medallion pendants can get you started down that route. Very recently seen on the fashion ramp, Louise Vuitton is one of the prime inventors of this new design. While its models were seen walking the ramp wearing silver and platinum medallion pendants, enthusiasts around the world are already on their quest to finding one for themselves in the stores. The pendants are short enough to be seen from between the parting of your shirt.

Picture of men medallion pendant

Rodeo Tie

Gemstone studded rodeo ties are back in fashion once again, and you don’t have to be a cowboy to wear them in style. Alessandro Michele was sighted wearing a very ornate piece with a pink shirt and a floral jacket at an award ceremony. The actor wore long hair and a beard with it to balance the blush with an element of machismo in it. Gold ties pinned in between the collar is a very in thing this year.

Picture of gemstone Rodeo tie
Gemstone studded rodeo ties are back in fashion once again

Platinum: First among Equals, best choice for engagement rings

Platinum: First among Equals, best choice for engagement rings

Platinum, the gray-white precious metal, derived its name from the Spanish word ‘Platina’ or ‘little silver’. Platinum is one of the rarer elements found in earth’s crust. South Africa supplies approximately 80% of platinum produced globally. Owing to platinum’s natural scarcity, global annual production remains limited to only few hundred tons. Also, due to platinum’s vital uses, it is considered an important ‘precious metal’ commodity and highly valuable.

Platinum and corrosions

One of the least reactive metals, platinum offers significant resistance to corrosions, even at remarkably high temperatures and is hence regarded as ‘noble metal’. Pure platinum is ductile, malleable, and lustrous. Thanks to these unique physical characteristics and chemical stability, this silver-white metal is used effectively for industrial applications. Platinum’s resistance to tarnish and wear in combination with the gleaming veneer makes it an extremely attractive choice in engagement rings.

A Flight from History to Modernity

Traces of platinum were discovered by archaeologists in the gold used by Egyptians in their hieroglyphics and tombs as early as 1200 BC. Nevertheless, it is not known whether the early Egyptians were familiar with platinum and in all probability, they failed to recognize that platinum was present in their gold.

Platinum was knowledgably employed by pre-Columbian Americans located near modern-day Esmeraldas in Ecuador. They used a comparatively sophisticated method of powder metallurgy to produce stunning artifacts with a white alloy of gold and platinum. The platinum used in these objects was exactly not the pure material but a naturally occurring combination of multiple platinum group metals that included slight amounts of rhodium, iridium and palladium. The earliest reference to platinum can be found in European discoveries in 1557.

Application of Platinum

Application of platinum is extremely varied. As of data available until 2014, 34% were used for jewelry and especially engagement rings. Apart from this, 45% was used in vehicle emission control devices, and the rest were allocated amongst petroleum refining and chemical production, electrical applications, and minor applications like biomedicine and medicine, investment, glassmaking equipment, anticancer drugs, electrodes, oxygen sensors, turbine engines and spark plugs.

Platinum is Forever

Over the years, connoisseurs have discovered and rediscovered platinum to associate it with wealth and exclusivity. This fascination with platinum has encouraged engagement rings ingénues around the world to create some of the finest and striking ornaments with this metal. Platinum is passion and a medium of ingenuity for artisans and aficionados alike.

An exceptionally versatile metal, platinum has enamored designers for over centuries. Connoisseurs have discovered the distinctive qualities of platinum which signifies that it will not change color or fade over time.

Qualifying Characteristics of Platinum

The rarest of valuable metals, platinum is naturally white and provides the most protected setting for precious stones like diamonds-in engagement rings. When it comes to expressing love that promises to last the lifetime, there is no better way to do that than opting for the perfect choice of platinum.


  • Platinum is thirty time rarer than familiar gold
  • Platinum engagement rings are simply exclusive and desired as the statement of individuality by people in the know


  • Platinum is naturally white and hence will not radiate any unwanted color in a diamond
  • Platinum used in jewelry is generally 95% pure so it will never tarnish or fade
  • Being hypoallergenic, platinum is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin


  • The resistance and durability of platinum refers to a selection of jewelry that will last the lifetime of frequent wear
  • Platinum being a strong metal does not wear away and so, holds stones securely and retains intricate designs

Greatest jewelry designers over the world have always preferred working with this metal. Platinum’s remarkable malleability allows it to be drawn out beautifully yet sturdily into a fine wire. This pliability enables the creation of delicate and intricate engagement ring designs in platinum which cannot be fashioned from any other precious metals.

Platinum is also highly sought after in other fields such as in catalytic converters for automotive industry as well as in making pacemakers in healthcare. The unique properties of platinum mean that it can be effectively used in human body without any harmful effects as it does not create any oxidation effect in blood.

Platinum Compared to Other Metals

Not every white metal shares the same qualities. For instance, white gold, though a white metal, is an alloy created out of yellow gold. To maintain the white color of white gold over the years, it needs to be re-plated as and when required. Compared to this, platinum is white in nature and will never tarnish or fade.

  • Comparing the properties of platinum with other metals show that other alloy metals in white shades tend to fade unlike platinum
  • Platinum is extremely strong and does not change its shape, hence platinum jewelries are virtually eternal
  • Platinum while being durable is also incredibly dense. Therefore, it feels definitely heavier than most metals. For instance, a platinum ring would be as much as 40% heavier than a ring of same size made out of pure gold
  • Compared to 75% purity of 18k gold, platinum is often 95% pure when used in engagement rings

Authenticity of platinum can be determined by identifying the hallmark – a mark or symbol that indicates the highest quality of platinum used in jewelry. Platinum Guild International (PGI USA), a global platinum authority provides necessary information to help buyers make informed choice while investing in platinum.

Platinum Jewelry and engagement rings

platinum solitaire engagement ring

Platinum has been a dominant force in jewelry & engagement ring designs whether classic or contemporary for over a long time. Jeweler’s fascination with this precious metal is best reflected in designer and custom pieces showcased at imposing stores around fashion hubs of the world. Platinum lasts longer and offer the best value over time. Any vintage platinum ring from pre-World War II period stands testament to lofty eulogies by the designers. Compared to platinum, white gold is nothing but an economical and wannabe alternative. Though there is a certain cost perspective, opting for the real deal is a better option for platinum’s enduring value.

No wonder, connoisseurs always insist that there’s a certain ‘romance’ to all things platinum.