Shop Smartly This Holiday Season with Clarity Enhanced Diamonds for sale

“This year I’m going to get all my holiday shopping done early!” Does that sound familiar? Most of us try very hard to take care of the holidays but it seems like they’re upon us before we know it. Not only that, it’s hard to stay within a budget when there are so many things to buy. This season, you can save money and purchase some of the most beautiful diamonds available, when you choose clarity enhanced diamonds.

What is Clarity Enhancement?

Loose Diamond

When diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s surface, they are as unique as snowflakes, and no two stones are alike. However, some are formed with tiny flaws called feathers. Feathers get their name from their appearance and they can affect the way that the stone reflects light. In fact, any kind of diamond flaw is called an “inclusion”. Flawed stones have less fire and brilliance, and they are not as prized as perfect ones.

Everyone would love to have perfect stones for their engagement rings and other items of jewelry, but the cost can be substantial. That is why many jewelry suppliers offer diamonds that have the flaws corrected, and they are known as clarity enhanced stones.

Many common imperfections can be corrected with the right enhancement process. During the process, a tiny amount of material is inserted into the flaw. This prevents the flaw from refracting light as it passes through, essentially making it invisible, and the stone appears to be clean. The process does not affect the integrity of the stone. In fact, the average person cannot tell the difference between an enhanced diamond and un-enhanced, simply by looking at them.

The enhancement process is meant to last forever. However, there are a couple of things to know about enhanced stones. First, when you buy loose diamonds, make sure they are not set into jewelry with a great deal of heat (like direct torch flame). This could affect the enhancement. Second, your new stone will not be as valuable as one without flaws. However, clarity enhanced diamonds are considerably cheaper in the first place.

You can save a great deal of money when you choose stones that have been enhanced. For example, as you shop loose diamonds for sale, you may notice that some of the stones have a “CE” in the description. This refers to “clarity enhanced”. You can often save as much as fifty percent or more when you choose these types of stones.

This holiday season, get that special someone a gift that they will always remember. If your budget is limited, this is not a problem when you shop clarity enhanced diamonds. In fact, a trusted online jeweler Like Diamonds-USA has a special section for you. Go to the “diamonds” section of the website, and scroll down to “clarity enhanced diamonds”. There, you will find an enormous selection of stones and in many different price ranges. This is a great way to find perfect diamonds that are sure to bring a smile to someone special.