Most Popular Shapes for Celebrity Diamonds

Most people choose to go with traditional styles, especially when it comes to diamonds engagement rings. However, celebrities usually shun traditional and are drawn to the unique and distinctive. Here is a look at some of the more popular shapes for diamonds among celebrities, with some spectacular (and expensive) examples.


Marquis cut


DiamondsMarque cut diamond engagement rings have been very popular over the past decade or two. As most celebrities enjoy showing off in public, the marquis cut is made for the ego. This shape is like an American football and tends to be narrow and long. It shows off more surface area and “sparkle”.


Perhaps one of the most alluring marquis cut rings is that of actress

Catherine Zeta-Jones. This enormous rock is a full ten carats and in an antique setting. It is believed that Michael Douglas paid somewhere in the neighborhood of one million dollars in 1999, for the ring that is as beautiful as the woman wearing it.


In similar fashion, Ashlee Simpson was seen sporting a stunning marquis cut diamond engagement ring given to her by Evan Ross. Its classic art deco appearance was created by designer Neil Lane. This ring totals five carats and its one hundred and forty diamonds are surrounded by rubies. This is an excellent example of locating loose diamonds for sale and turning them into a work of art.


In April of 2013 Christina Milian said yes to Jas Prince. In exchange, she was given a large marquis cut diamond ring.


Emerald cut diamonds


Anjelina Jolie received a special emerald cut engagement ring from Brad Pitt in 2012. The center stone is seven carats and this also includes another nine carats of rocks on the sides, and the price tag – a mere half a million dollars. However, this is not much compared to the five million dollar emerald cut sparkler that Jay-Z gave to Beyonce.


If you want to see something that is elegant and classic, take a look at the engagement ring on Kate Hudson”s finger. It features an emerald cut diamond of nine carats, and all for only about 200,000 dollars.


Asscher Cut


Perhaps the most famous asscher cut diamond ring is one that Richard Burton presented to Elizabeth Taylor in 1968. At that time the price tag was a little over 300,000 dollars. However, in 2011 it sold for 8.8 million at Liz Taylor”s estate sale. This rock is also known as the Krupp diamond.


Cushion cut is coming back


Although Jennifer Garner tried to conceal it recently, it is hard for one to hide a four and one half cushion cut diamond ring by trying to put your hand in your jeans pocket. Other well known personalities sporting this “back in vogue” cut include Molly Sims, Miley Cyrus, and Giuliana Rancic.


As you can see, there is no one “most popular celebrity diamonds shape”. However, many are choosing the marquis cut and so can you. Whether you buy loose diamonds and make your own creation or purchase something readymade, you have many great selections when you choose a dependable online jeweler.