Manchester City Financed Purchase of Diamonds

Continuing our British football related diamond stories, former Thai premier and Manchester City Chairman Thaksin Shinawatra last week gave a radio interview, the first since his exile, from Thailand in which he confirmed his investment in a diamond mine was financed by profit from the sale of Manchester City Football Club.

Thanksin said that capital used for the purchase of the diamond mined were not impounded by the British because he simply had no bank accounts in England at the time. Regarding his freedom to travel, he said none of the countries he visited had any objection or embarrassment to grant him entry.

The story came about when it was alledged he used his wife’s ID card to purchase a plot of land marked as a Diamond Reserve.

In concluding his interview, he denied speculation about his illness with cancer. He said he was in good health.

Diamonds Linked to Quick Cooling Eons Ago

Ever wondered where the gems that make up your stunning diamond hinged earrings came from?  and I don’t mean which store they were bought from.   I often wonder how old the diamonds are, where and how they were formed and indeed how many civilizations have come and gone in the time my rocks have been in existence.

Why do I think this, well, I’m not just sentimental, nor a science geek.  Being in the industry the natural value and charm of a diamond is always on my mind.  Recently scientists have come a little closer to understanding the origins of our sparkle and bling.

At least once in Earth’s history, global warming ended quickly, and scientists have long wondered why. Now researchers are reporting that the abrupt cooling — which took place about 12,900 years ago, just as the  planet was emerging from an ice age — may have been caused by one or more meteors that slammed into North America.

The hypothesis has been regarded skeptically, but its advocates now report perhaps more convincing residue of impact: a thin layer of microscopic diamonds found in rocks across America and in Europe.  At each of the 30 sites the scientists looked at, the diamond layer in the rocks correlates to the date of the hypothesized impact. Within the layer, the scientists report finding a multitude of diamond particles, all encased within carbon spheres. “We’ve yet to find a single diamond above it,” Dr. West said. “We’ve yet to find a single diamond below it.”

3D Printer & Jewelry Manufacturing

The world of Jewelry Manufacturing is right now entering a phase of evolution, the old arts of sketching, modeling, reviewing and restarting that long time consuming process until satisfaction are disappearing.

For years already the designers of most of our jewelry have called upon the power of CAD based computer  systems to  quickly sketch 3d models of new classic and modern designs.  This takes place before the time and budget consuming process of 3d modeling to see how it would look in reality.  At that point an approval can be secured and the item can go into full jewelry production.

Today the world of technology has taken strides in the development of .   Companies such as Object Geometries have produced a desktop 3D printer solution that offers an exclusive combination of high-quality, finely detailed models in a compact, office friendly system.

Based on proven technologies and compounds, the PolyJet™ Photopolymer Jetting technology, creates true-to life parts of any kind with extreme accuracy in a matter of minutes.  No need to send CAD sketches away and wait weeks for a 3d model to be returned (at great expense).  Now 3d Print Modeling is as easy as paper printing!

London Diamond Dealer Graff Invests in Gem Mining

In this time of corporate consolidation there is always those who are brave enough to grow and develop, strengthening their position rather than cutting back and becoming more vulnerable to market forces. Graff, one o f the leading diamond dealers in the UK this week made a significant investment (4.5%) in Gem Mining. The following story was reported in MiningWeekly

Graff bought 2,824,744 shares in Gem Diamonds as an investment and confirmed that he did not intend to make a formal offer for the company, the report said.

“Graff intends to be a long-term investor,” Gem Diamonds said in a statement distributed by London’s Regulatory News Service.

In 2006, Graff acquired the 603 carat Lesotho Promise, which is the world’s fifteenth-largest diamond ever found; and in 2007, he bought the 493 carat Letseng Legacy, the world’s eighteenth-largest diamond ever mined. Both diamonds came from Gem Diamonds’ Letseng mine, in Lesotho.

“Gem Diamonds is an excellent company that produces some of the finest diamonds in the world today. Our investment in the company reflects our confidence in its fundamental value and in the management’s ability to realize this value for shareholders from its asset base. We are also very much looking forward to talking with the management of Gem Diamonds to explore ways of working together fruitfully,” said Graff

Holes Diamond Engagement Rings Come From

I never thought I would, but I am finally getting married. Not because I couldn”t find someone, I just needed to find someone who shared my World of Warcraft habit. Anyway, I didn”t realize that finding a diamond engagement ring would be such a big deal. Pardon me, but I find the idea of choosing a piece of female jewelry the most boring thing this side of a medically induced coma.

I mean c”mon, what”s a diamond anyway? It”s just a piece of carbon, compressed deep inside the core of the Earth and the hardest thing known to man. But when I say it like that it sounds kinda cool.

My previous knowledge of diamonds before this research is the James Bond movie, Diamonds are Forever. I think there was also a Bond villain whose face was embedded with diamonds? Lets not forget the Pink Panther movies, and of course, the last Danny Ocean movie was all based around a diamond heist.

But listen, it”s not just movies that make diamonds interesting, the way they get diamonds out of the ground is also really cool.

Huge volcanic action pushes the precious stones up to the surface of the Earth in what are called Kmberlite pipes. All you have to do then is rip up the ground and dig them out. This means huge open cast mining techniques are used leaving massive, open wounds. As if the Planet developed a huge zit burst by mining and left as an everlasting scar.

Ekati diamond mine is one of the biggest in Canada. It is the most recent diamond mine on the Planet. It is both a surface and an underground min.
Its location is in the Arctic Circle and has to be supplied by frozen road in the winter, although it does have a runway big enough to take large jets.World Diamond Production for 2006

South Africa 67,000K cts
Russia 23,400K cts
Botswana 24,000K cts
Canada 12,350K cts
Australia 7,305K cts
Angola 7,000K cts
Congo 5,600K cts
Namibia 2,200K cts
Ghana 780,000 cts
Sierra Leone 360K cts
Guinea 355K cts
Central African Rep. 315K cts
Brazil 300K cts
Ivory Coast 200K cts
Tanzania 195,000 cts
China 100K cts
Venezuela 45K cts
Liberia 7K cts
Ekati Diamond Mine, Canada

Coordinates: 64°42′49″N 110°37′10″W

ekati diamond mine

Google Map of Ekati diamond mine:

Official Ekati Diamond Mine Site

This huge hole in the ground is so big helicopters have been banned from flying over it because of the down draft sucking down aircraft.
The hole is 1,200 meters across and over 500 meters deep. It is in Siberia and is absolutely huge, notice the contrast of the buildings to the hole.
It takes the massive trucks hours to reach the top on the hole, hauling 200 tonnes at a time.

Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia


BBC Postcards from Russia

Kimberley Big Hole Diamond Mine, South Africa

Google Map of Kimberly diamond mine:


Kimberly mine is where Cecil Rhodes, the man after which Rhodesia was named (later to become Zimbabwe) made his fortune. It is the biggest hand dug hole in the world, it”s depth being over 1,000 metres.

The mine has given up over 3 tonnes of diamonds and finally closed in 1914.,_Northern_Cape

Diavik mine, Canada


The Diavik diamond mine has produced 8 million carats or about 1,600kg (3,500 lb) since production commenced in January 2003

Coordinates: 64°29′46″N 110°16′24″W site of the Diavik Diamond Mine

Argyle Diamond mine, Australia

Google Map of Argyle diamond mine:


The Argyle mine is one of the biggest in the world, claiming to produce a quarter of the world”s natural diamonds.

Since the mine opened, over 700 million carats of diamonds have been recovered

Image source

Infomine Argyle mine