Clarity enhanced diamonds in big sizes are common today

Clarity enhanced diamonds are common these days, even in big carat sizes:

First comes the diamond than the ring:

. Recently a we designed a custom made ring for a 5 Carat G SI2 clarity

enhanced diamond, It starts with the 3d computer designing, this gives the following output:

6 claws ring for the 5.29 carats G SI2, Clarity Enhanced center
The big clarity enhanced diamond is nested in a 6 prongs house

After we approve the safety of the center diamond in all aspects we send the 3d file to 3d printing and metal casting (this case it was casted in Platinum 95%). The 5 carat clarity enhanced round diamond in the center will be safely secured with 6 prongs (claws). The end product ring is looking like this:

Big Clarity Enhanced diamond of 5 carat in rose gold engagement ring
The big Clarity Enhanced diamond in the center is a 5 carat G SI2

Clarity enhanced diamonds has a strong market in days of shaking economies, it is all about saving a lot when choosing the clarity enhanced diamonds, they look the same
but cost much less and only you know your diamond is a clarity enhanced diamond. gives

Clarity enhanced diamonds set in 6 prongs ring
Clarity enhanced diamonds of 5 carat in the custom made ring

Terms and condition of buying Clarity Enhanced diamonds at

In we give life time warranty on the clarity enhancement process.
Even though that it is forbidden to put open torch fire on the diamond or the jewel, if that occurred by mistake we will re do the enhancement with no additional cost.

Clarity Enhanced Diamond cleaning instructions and tips:

Clarity enhanced diamond can loose it’s enhancement if it is exposed to open torch fire.
Second option that will fade the enhancement away is submerging the clarity enhanced diamond in a very strong acid chamber that is heated to hundreds oc degrees Celsius.

All other cleaning agents, sopes, ultrasonic cleaning, Amonia based jewelry cleaner are absolutely safe to use on a clarity enhanced diamond.


Sky is the Limit for The Sky Blue Diamond at Sotheby’s

Sky is the Limit for The Sky Blue Diamond at Sotheby’s,

The much talked about Sky Blue Diamond will be exhibited at the Sotheby’s auction on Wednesday in Geneva. The gemstone is estimated to fetch around $25.3 million and comes in studded on a ring. The gemstone is square cut with a weight of 8.01 carat and is fancy vivid blue in color. It has clarity of VVS1 and is the highlight at the magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in the Swiss city.

The auction has already begun from10.30am in the morning according to Central European Time on November 16 and will feature 26 pieces with each of the item expected to rake in over $1 million in the sale.
The best part is that the auction is held at a time when blue diamonds, particularly in the fancy vivid category are in high demand according to a report published Fancy Color Research Foundation or the FCRF. The vivid blue diamonds have beaten their pink counterparts and also yellow counterparts by a long margin. Ephram Zion, a member of the FVRF’s advisor committee said that vivid blue diamonds are rare and are of high quality along with being stylish. These factors have contributed in their popularity and therefore price resilience.

sky blue
However, according to FCRF founder Eden Rachminov, the price for Sky Blue diamond will be determined by the particular circumstances of the day instead of the price trend.

Price indicators
He said that the prices quoted by auction houses depend on a number of factors which usually do not follow the market price trends. He also mentioned that auctioneers sometimes quote low price to generate interest among diamond buyers. All depends on how far individuals can go fighting for the same item. On the other hand, a pair of Boehmer et Bassenge diamond earrings were sold at the Christie’s in Geneva, the price of which is estimated to be around $30.3 million.

Diamonds set on a bra???

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show will be held on December 5th, 2016 and this is their annual show.

This brand has always surprised us with their new launches and hence is the most popular lingerie brand. The company announced in their press release that for the first time their runway show will be held in Paris this year and it will also be broadcasted by CBS.

This time they are surprising their followers and clients with the help of a diamond studded dazzling bra. The bra known as Fantasty bra or Bright Night Fantasy Bra is the diamond encrusted underwear which is the highlight of the show. The piece has been estimated to fetch $3 million which will be $1 million more than it was last year.

The bra that was exhibited last year was known as Fireworks Fantasy Bra. The Bright Night Fantasy Bra will be adorned by Vitoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tooks. The stunning diamonds bra features 9,000 dazzling gemstones weighing over 450 carats. The diamond and emeralds are set in white gold of 18 karats.
diamonds bra
The officials from Victoria’s Secret are proud to exhibit this diamond bra this year. According to them it took 700 hours to complete this bright and fantastical piece of innerwear.

Green Emeralds

Emeralds are coveted gemstones and are extremely valuable. However, this particular gemstone belongs to the Beryl family and is of a brilliant vibrant green hue. All Beryl stones are not emeralds though and the deepest ones are known as Emeralds usually. The pale ones are simply called green Beryl and do not fetch a high value in the jewelry market. It is also one of the most precious gemstones. Strangely, an emerald is expected to contain flaws and is rarely perfect. The flaws are minute inclusions that are treated with the aid of certain chemicals and resins in order to fill in the cracks or fissures. The presence of such imperfection makes the emeralds easier to identify the stones and differentiate them from other kinds of Beryls.
Characteristics Of Emeralds
This gemstone is comprised of Aluminum beryllium silicate and measures 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s scale making it one of hardest gems available for jewelry. It is definitely harder than quartz and apatie while being considerably softer than topaz and spinel. However, the gemstone is much more fragile as compared to other Beryl stones. Emeralds tend to vary from translucent to opaque and the crystal is hexagonal, very similar to a prism. The distinctive color of the gemstone is due to the presence of chromium along with vanadium that can be inspected in natural sunlight. The best way to examine an emerald for authenticity is to check its specific gravity that needs to be between 2.6 to 2.8. Observing the gemstone under strong artificial light will make the fissures apparent thus identifying it as a genuine gemstone obtained naturally.
Emeralds are definitely popular gems for jewelry. While being relatively hard with a high quality brilliance and fire, the transparent gemstone is extremely popular for open settings. A single large gemstone set ring containing an emerald is most sought after by the elite. There is no dearth of availability of emerald jewelry and most local jewelers also stock them as high-end designs. With the stone being brittle, the jewelers need to take utmost care during cutting, setting, and polishing the stone. The gemstone is also affected by heat and pressure so setting it into complex settings is not always possible. The most popular form of emerald jewelry happens to be rings and pendants where just a single gemstone within a setting will do.
The jewelry consultants also advise buying emerald by size and not carat weight as the size-weight ratio varies from stone to stone.

There are many varieties of the Emerald. However, the ones that are qualified as Emeralds and not a green Beryl include:-
• Colombian Emerald – This Emerald is usually thought to be of the highest quality.
• Brazilian Emerald – The term may also refer to the green Tourmaline from the same source.

Beryl, emerald, 5.03 ct.
Beryl, emerald, 5.03 ct.

• Zambian Emerald – These Emeralds have a good color and transparency.

• Cat’s Eye Emerald – Displays a cat’s eye effect. It is extremely rare and only found in pale colored paler Emeralds.
Cat's Eye Emerald
• Trapiche Emerald / Star Emerald – Contains black impurities in the shape of a six-rayed star.

Double trapiche emerald. Round. 1.77 ct TW from Muzo, Colombia.
Double trapiche emerald. Round. 1.77 ct TW from Muzo, Colombia.
Oval Emerald in Halo diamonds engagement ring
Oval shaped Emerald in Halo diamonds engagement ring.
The best Emeralds are found in:-
• Colombia
• Zambia
• Brazil
• China
• Afghanistan
• Russia
• Mozambique
• South African
• U.S. (North Carolina)
• Egypt & Austria are the ancient sources of Emerald.

The Craze of Colored Diamonds

The Craze of Colored Diamonds
There was a time when the most desired specimen of the brilliant, shimmery and fiery diamonds was the colorless one. But things have changed now, and they’ve changed a great deal. According to diamond experts, the last ten years have decade, the world has seen a rise in the popularity of fancy colored diamonds.
Fancy colored diamonds is the name given to those who are occur naturally in the nature. There are a total of 12 different colors available, with more than 90 shades nine intensity levels. This all, with all permutations and combinations, make a grand total of 234 combinations. So you’ll have a blue diamond, which also gives a red hue. Or a pink diamonds with a slight orangey tint.
The color they get is due to the traces of the elements they are exposed to during their formation. For example, nitrogen causes a diamond to get a yellowish hue, while boron makes the diamond appear blue.
In comparison to the colorless diamonds, the colored ones are found rarely in the nature and thus, come at a premium price. However, scientists and gemologists are now able to increase the color intensity of mildly colored diamonds. Such diamonds are called color enhanced diamonds, and are more reasonably priced than the natural intense colored ones.
What you must keep in mind is that just like other diamonds, colored ones should also be bought from a trustworthy store. And you should always, always go for the authenticity certificate. Uncertified diamonds may lead to buying a synthetic or an enhanced diamond at the cost of a fancy colored one, which is not a good deal, not at all.
Grading Criteria
The grading criteria of fancy colored diamonds are a little different than the colorless diamonds. The four main criteria for determining its value include hue, color saturation, color purity, and availability. The diamond’s color, including intensity of color, and hues are considered the diamond’s most important qualities.
The rarer a diamond is in color, the more valuable it will be. And if the color is more rich or saturated, the diamond will also be worth more. And like a white diamond, a colored diamond’s clarity or purity of the color will also increase its value.
There is another factor while grading a colored diamond, inclusions can sometimes be a desirable trait. Inclusions are generally considered to be flaws, especially in case of colorless diamonds. However, in the case of colored diamonds, some inclusions can actually create distinct tones, making a diamond flash with amazing hues when light enters at certain angles.
As an Investment
Thanks to their unique personality, fancy colored diamonds are also becoming a great investment. So now, they are not just popular, but also a great asset!
According to an article posted by the Forbes magazine, fancy diamonds have seen an exponential rise in their value, and have been considered a greater investment over the last decade. It can be seen easily in the price hike of the colored diamonds. A flawless intense pink colored diamonds used to fetch around $70,000. Now, you get the same diamond for a whopping $500,000.
Where to Buy
Fancy colored diamonds, just like the colorless ones, must be bought from a trustworthy store. There are many online stores that can get you a good quality certified diamond at a good price. Check out
You will get a whole lot of options there. And all their diamonds are certified and sold at wholesale prices.