Some Dandy Ways to Personalize Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you are going to wear for life. That makes personalization an essential part of the design. Now personalizing something like your wedding ring may sound a little too serious, but is actually not. Personalizing doesn’t have to involve designing and drafting. You can personalize your ring in your own way. Pick one from the seeming endless array of choice and get the jeweler to add a little something to it so that it bears a personal mark and meaning to it. So let’s take a look at some pretty cool ways in which you can personalize your wedding ring.

Put an Electrocardiograph Engraving

A very touching way of adding a personal touch to your wedding rings is to engrave each other’s ECG graphs on the rings. It’s a little medical in its essence, but it’s a lot less ordinary than hearts and names.  Echocardiogram scans are a great thing to engrave your rings with to indicate the union of two hearts. Because of the pattern of such readings, you can even choose the outer band to make the engraving.

Special Dates or Lines from Songs

If you want to have something in writing engraved in your ring, then a special date or a line from a meaningful song is a good idea. This is not really an idea fresh from the mind, in case you are wondering. This trend goes back to Medieval Europe where couples would decorate their rings with romantic lines from poems. So, if you guys share a special day, such the day you met or the day you proposed or anything that beats some meaning just put that in.

Motifs and Patterns on the Outside

If you are feeling a little more ambition than inscribing words and letters, then you can personalize the rings with some matter or motif. You can come up with your own motifs or get ideas from the internet. Bespoke pattern engravings are pretty popular. They are a great way to display your style. For this however, the inside of the band is useless. So, request the jeweler to draw the details on the outer side of the ring for an aesthetic upgrade.

Your Fingerprints

Get a copy of both of your fingerprints and ask the jeweler if it’s possible to engrave them in your rings. For most jewelers working with up-to-date equipment and tools, it’s possible to transfer the prints as is to the inside of the ring in a miniscule size. That is a great way of adding a very sentimental and personal touch to your wedding rings.

A Secret Gem Inside

This idea may cost you a few extra bucks but if you want to surprise your partner with a little something, leave a stone somewhere on the underside of the ring for them to find out. Pick their favorite stone, their birthstone or something that holds meaning for them and get it set somewhere where public eye can reach.