Why Buy Loose Diamonds?

If you are looking for precious stones you have the option to buy loose diamonds for sale or diamond jewelry. You will find many benefits when you buy your stones loose. In fact, this may be the best way to make your purchases, and here are some good reasons to consider this option.


When you shop for fabulous rocks you may find a limited selection if you buy them already set in jewelry. For instance, jewelers only have so many items that are available and if you want a particular cut in a specific setting, you might not be able to find it. This can be a frustrating experience. After all, this kind of gift is meant to last a lifetime and it is best to get exactly what you need and desire.

Diamond engagement ring

People shopping for loose diamonds have many options in which to choose. In fact, there are an almost unlimited amount of selections and combinations. Beautiful diamonds are available in many different sizes, shapes, grades, and colors. Each shape in unique in its purpose and is better for certain kinds of jewelry.

Custom Jewelry

It is one thing to own a ring (or item of jewelry) that you purchased at a jeweler, and it is a completely different experience to own something that is custom made. Buying un-mounted precious stones gives you the chance to come up with your own creation. For instance, visit a good online jeweler and you can shop a wide selection of precious stones. This is just the first step of an exciting process.

Suppose you are checking out engagement rings, you can start with the stone or the setting. In other words, you might enjoy the look and feel of a solitaire ring. Go to the website and search for solitaire settings. Some of these selections will provide you with 10 or more options for stones. Maybe you want the square cut of a princess rock. Click on that selection and you will be taken to an image that shows your ring with a princess cut stone.

You might want to look at an emerald cut or maybe something that is heart shaped. Click on that specific selection and preview your new ring. You can spend as much time as you like and check out hundreds of different combinations if you wish.

Investing in the future

Perhaps you want to invest in diamonds. Buying them un-mounted is much cheaper buying diamond jewelry. These stones make excellent investments as they maintain their value, and over the years their worth increases. Not only that, you may one day decide to buy someone a special piece of jewelry. You can have a stone placed in the setting of your choice. Since you already own the most important part of the jewelry (the diamond), you save a great deal over the normal cost of a special ring. Before you shop, consider buying loose diamonds for sale online. They are more affordable this way, and you can get more for your dollar.