Buying Engagement Rings Online – 2015 Updated Guide

When a man asks a woman to marry him, it is usually followed by a diamond engagement ring. Some people choose to shop locally for engagement rings but many are seeing the benefits of using the World Wide Web for their jewelry needs. If you decide to shop online here is a guide to help make the process easier and less expensive.

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Don’t forget the 4 Cs

No matter if you shop rings, loose diamonds, and other jewelry locally or online, when it comes to diamonds, the 4 Cs are always very important. Let’s go over them to make sure you know what they mean.

  • Color – for clear diamonds, this is about how much yellow coloring a diamond has. D is colorless and the most prized, while Z is the most colored. You can save a lot when you select a stone with a little more color.
  • Cut – this is not really about the shape but the quality of the cut, to reflect the most light, and it can make a big difference in luminescence.
  • Clarity – most diamonds have some kinds of flaws, and this can affect the price a great deal. You also can select clarity enhanced diamonds to save money.
  • Carats – size matters a great deal and larger diamonds tend to be more expensive.

Do you want vintage?

The antique look is very popular these days, and many reputable online jewelers have several types of vintage styles. Choose a jeweler that provides the most selections, and you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

Check for diamond certificates

Certificates are very important. Go with EGL or GIA, and some jewelers provide their own diamond certificates. As long as do business with a trusted diamond retailer, these stones should be fine.

Go with a reputable seller

Finding the right jeweler is just as important as buying the right diamond engagement rings. When you shop with a business you can trust, you are assured of the highest quality jewelry. Plus, you will receive one of the best guarantees in the business. For example, a jeweler like Diamonds-USA provides a 10 day ten money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase, no questions asked.

Tips for getting the right ring

Shopping online is one of the most convenient ways you can shop. Plus, you also have the option of buying loose diamonds and having them set into jewelry that you design yourself.

When you shop you may want to check out diamonds first and then look at the available settings. However, you also can shop settings and then see which stones are available. With many local jewelry shops, you may have limited selections on diamond cuts and metals. However, this is not the case with top online jewelers. You can find the perfect ring and then check out what it looks like in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

If you are concerned about purchasing conflict free diamonds, always check the website to make sure the jeweler only deals in stones with Kimberly certificates.

Traditional or Fashionable Diamond Rings?

Traditional or Fashionable Diamond Rings?

Maybe you are checking out diamond engagement rings or you want a lovely cocktail ring. You could go with a traditional selection or you might want to be bold and choose something that is in vogue. The choice is ultimately up to you, but which is the best selection for your investment and personal satisfaction? Let’s take a look at both sides of this quandary to help you make up your mind.

Traditional rings

“Traditional” refers to rings that are popular and have been around for some time. You can find them in most jewelry stores without any trouble. Many traditional rings are solitaire stones with round cut or square cut diamonds and not too much decoration.

Upside of traditional

It’s hard to go wrong with traditional rings. After all, they have been around for a long time. Traditional rings have been tested and retested and are proven winners. You know you can trust them and you should have few problems with these types of rings. However, there can be a downside.

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Downside of traditional

Some people may see traditional diamond rings as the “same old thing”. For example, you might get something very similar to the ring that your friend, neighbor, sister, or mother, wears. Where is the originality in that? If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, you need to make a bold choice and go with something new and exciting by leaving traditional choices behind.

Fashionable rings

A fashionable or trendy ring represents the latest in popularity among those that love style, and want to look their best. These rings might have unusual designs with colored stones cut into pear or heart shapes.

Upside of fashionable

Many people love to be in the height of fashion, and if you are one of those individuals you may not be happy with something that appears a bit outdated. Not only that, if you are concerned about image and what others think, it is best to go with what it “hot” as opposed to what is “not”. It can be a big boost for the ego when you buy a fashionable ring or unusually colored loose diamonds.

Downside of fashionable

Sometimes the latest things have not been properly tested and they may not be special a few years from now. There is a lot of uncertainty in choosing fashion over tradition and you take a certain degree of risk, especially with engagement rings. However, great risk can bring great reward. In other words, what is “in” today may soon be seen as “passé”, but no one knows for sure.

Choosing what’s best for you

In truth, there is no right or wrong answer to the question, “Do I go with traditional or fashionable?” If you are not a big risk taker and you like things safe and secure, you are probably better off going with something traditional. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of fashion and are willing to take the necessary risks, go with the latest styles. In fact, you may want to buy loose diamonds online and custom design your own unique ring that is definitely not traditional.

How to Choose the Right Diamond for Your Loved One

How to Choose the Right Diamond for Your Loved One

Choosing the right diamond can be difficult, especially since there are so many options. Whether you are checking out loose diamonds for sale or you want the perfect ring for your significant other, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what to buy. Here are some helpful tips to consider when you shop for diamonds.

Increase your knowledge of diamonds

Before you go shopping, do your research. Learn as much as you can about diamonds. There are plenty of excellent online sources to turn to and the best online jewelers have special website sections with all kinds of information, videos, tutorials, and frequently asked questions with answers. The more you know about diamonds, the better prepared you are, and this makes you less likely to make mistakes.





Be careful with surprise gifts

It is nice to completely surprise your loved one with a gift that is forever. However, it may be best to inform him or her of your intentions and shop together. That way, you are assured that you are providing this person with the perfect gift. If you try to surprise someone, you may make the wrong choice, and this is not good for a relationship.

Go with certified stones

The best stones are certified. This means that a reputable organization has checked out the specifications and you are guaranteed to receive what you are paying for. The top certification organizations are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory).

The benefits of round brilliant cut

If you want diamonds with the most brilliance or fire, you should consider round brilliant cut stones. These are perfect for diamond engagement rings as you get a great deal of sparkle. A round cut offers one of the best deals for your money when you want maximum brilliance.

Develop cost strategies

Naturally, you cannot go over your budget, so choose your stone wisely. Remember, there is nothing wrong with buying a CE or clarity enhanced stone, especially if you want it set in jewelry. These stones have minor flaws that have been repaired. One cannot tell the difference by simply looking, and clarity enhanced diamonds are every bit as real and beautiful as ones that have not been repaired. Plus, you’ll save an enormous amount of money.

Choose the best guarantee and return policy

It is very important to choose a jeweler that you can trust and will provide you with excellent service after you make your purchase. If you desire a refund, the best jewelers have a “no questions asked” policy, so there are no hassles.


Don’t be pressured

Some local jeweler use “hard sell” tactics and will try to hurry you into a decision. Take your time before you buy. That is why so many modern shoppers are choosing reputable online jewelers. You can shop at your convenience and you are never hurried into a hasty decision. Plus, they have helpful customer service reps that are there to see to your needs. They will insure that you find the perfect diamond for your loved one.

Buying Diamonds Online – The Smart Way to Shop

Shopping for diamonds can be a great deal of fun. You might be planning on getting married or perhaps celebrating a special anniversary, and price and value are important. If you want to get the best possible stones at the most reasonable prices, you should think about buying diamonds online. This is the smart way to shop in the 21st Century.


Customized Shopping Experience


When you use the power of the Internet, it lets you customize your shopping. For example, you might not feel like walking around and dealing with large crowds of people. Once you choose to deal with a reputable online jeweller, you can shop by yourself. It is as if you walked up to the door when the store was closed, and the owner let you (and only you) inside.


Once inside the virtual jewellery store there is no waiting in line. You are always “next” to be served and the owner gives you his undivided attention. You are free to browse but in this virtual environment, you do not have to randomly browse through selections. You have a special virtual assistant to bring you only the items that you are interested in.


Shopping with your virtual assistant


A virtual assistant is available to you in the form of an onsite search option. Put in all the features you want and your assistant brings you items that match your search criteria. This is like telling the clerk exactly what you want and in a few minutes he appears with just what you asked for.


Ordering and paying for purchases


When you find the perfect diamond jewellery it is easy to pay for your selection. You may choose from a large variety of charge cards or you may also use your PayPal account, which is the same as using cash. You can rest assured that your personal information remains completely safe and secure. In fact, studies show that buying diamonds online is safer than most other methods. The best online jewellers utilize secure socket layer encryption methods. Your information is coded before being sent over the Internet. Even if it were somehow intercepted, it would be so scrambled that no one could possibly figure it out, except the intended receiver.

Diamond Engagement ring
Engagement ring


Low prices


Your online jeweler deals in high volume and this means lower prices for customers. Also, virtual stores have very few operating expenses, so their prices are naturally lower than ones you find locally. You can save a great deal of money this way, and can get much more for your purchase dollar.


Receiving your purchase


Once you pay the virtual clerk for your order, it is not placed in a shopping bag and handed to you to take home. The process is much easier and convenient for you. Your jewelry is shipped to your home or business for maximum convenience. In fact, you never have to leave home during the entire shopping process. These are only a few of the many reasons why buying diamonds online is the smart way to shop for important purchases.