Celebrities Latest Diamonds Trends

If you want to know what’s hot in diamonds, look to the rich and famous. The trend setters often are the first ones to have the latest in jewelry and fashion. Here are some of the latest trends in fabulous stones from some of the most popular people.

The Fancier the Better

Many celebrities are sporting diamond engagement rings in fancy cuts. You are not seeing a lot of round or even princess cut diamonds these days. Here are some to think about.

Radiant Cut

Drew Barrymore’s radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect example of a beautiful radiant cut stone. It combines the unique features of the emerald cut with the sparkle of a standard round cut stone. Radiant cuts are very durable and produce a stone that has amazing clarity and luminescence.

Pear Cut

Pear Diamond
Pear Diamond

Perhaps one of the most unusual cuts is the pear cut and one of the most dazzling pear cut diamond engagement rings is owned by Avril Lavigne. The pear shaped stone is as stunning as it is massive. It also has two very unique half moon shaped diamonds that perfectly fit into the setting. In total, all the diamonds equal 14 carats and the value is estimated at about $350,000.

Pear cut stones are most unique and unusual. If you wear a ring with a pear cut rock, it is sure to gather a lot of attention. Pear shapes are great for rings with multiple diamonds, as there are many possibilities for design.

Emerald Cut

Kate Hudson’s emerald cut engagement ring offers a unique kind of beauty, just like the actress herself. This cut is so unusual because its main feature is not sparkle but the way that it reflects the light. It is like walking into a booth with mirrors in an amusement park. Several celebrities are fond of this cut and it can be expensive, as flaws are easy to spot and you need a near flawless stone for best results.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut is quite popular with the rich and famous, and it is certainly nothing new. In fact it goes back a couple hundred years. This cut is appreciated by celebrities like Jennifer Garner’s with her half million dollar sparkler. Famous Indie actress Mena Suvari sports a vintage designed ring with an amazing cushion cut stone over 8 carats in size.

Fancy colors are still popular

As of late, many famous people have fallen in love with fancy and unusual colored stones, whether they are loose diamonds or ones in diamond engagement rings. The amazing yellow sparklers worn by Heidi Klum and Carrie Underwood are only two examples, not to mention the pink diamonds of Jennifer Lopez and Kate Bosworth.

Rare and Unusual

Reese Witherspoon’s rare Ashoka cut diamond engagement ring has many people asking the question, “what is Ashoka?” It is patterned after a famous stone of many centuries ago owned by an emperor of India in ancient times. Not just anyone can own this cut as it is protected by a patent and that makes it even more rare and unusual.

Celebrities and Their Favorite Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, celebrities often spare no expense when they shop. The average celebrity prides him or herself on uniqueness and you will often see diamond cuts that are not round traditional stones. Here is a look at some of the cuts that are making the news and creating a lot of sparkle in the process.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is not flashy but is certainly different from all the other cuts. Kate Beckinsale’s engagement ring from Len Wiseman has a large emerald cut stone. This is a unique ring set with stacked bands, perfectly matching the wedding ring. Valued at about $50,000, it is as stunning as it is impressive.

Asscher Cut

Beautiful diamond

If you check out the ring that Chris Martin gave Gwyneth Paltrow, you will see a great example of an Asscher cut stone. This $150,000 sparkler is as unique as it is beautiful. The frame is made from a series of small diamonds and referred to as “micro pave”. You can appreciate the craftsmanship in the structure which supports an amazing 8 carat stone.

Cushion cut

If you would like to see what a million dollars looks like, take a look at the amazing cushion cut ring that Giuliana Rancic recently wore. It is a full 18 carats in size and created quite a stir at the Emmy Awards in 2013. However, there is no need to be too envious dear readers, as she could not afford such luxury either. It was loaned to her by Forevermark.

In the Pink

Celebrities love precious stones that are unusual, and pink is something that you do not see every day. When Nick Cannon asked Mariah Carey to marry him, he gave her a stunning engagement ring with a 17 carat pink rock. The emerald cut sparkler is also accompanied by an amazing 58 smaller pink stones, and that is not all. There are two crescent shaped diamonds on the sides and all at a mere 2.5 million dollars.

Just as impressive, tennis pro Anna Kournikova received a fabulous pear cut pink diamond ring from longtime boyfriend Enrique Iglesias. This ring is said to be just as valuable as Mariah’s.

Yellow is in

Yellow colored diamonds
Yellow colored diamonds

Many celebrities choose to be different and yellow diamonds make that statement. Paris Hilton received a huge yellow (21 carat) diamond ring from Paris Latsis, a few years ago.

Other celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have sported fantastic engagement rings with the main stones being yellow in color. The list also includes Adele, and Rebecca Romijn. Not long ago, Kelly lost her engagement ring but she found it after an extensive search.

Rarity and beauty

Famous people love diamonds, and that is for sure. In addition, they like cuts that are uncommon so they will attract attention. They also love colors like yellow and pink. However, you do not have to spend millions of dollars to enjoy fine custom made jewelry. Your online jeweler is there to help you create the perfect ring for your occasion, and you can find something that fits your budget as well as your tastes.

When jewelry meets fashion

It’s safe to say that the entire fashion world held their breath during the waiting for the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Annual Gala. This special evening represents to many of us what true fashion is all about. The 2010 Gala was a celebration of beauty, talent, fashion and jewelry.
Much have already been said about the dresses of the Gala and although it’s difficult to ignore it- this time we will try to look at the event from the jewelry aspect of it.

It seems that this time, the dresses took all the focus at the Gala and that’s why most celebrities attending decided not wear too many pieces of jewelry (Just like at the Oscars a few months ago). When you wear a dress that lights up in the dark, like Katy Perry wore for example, wearing jewelry might look excessive, however Perry did wear an amazing pink bolt lightning bolts necklace and proved to us that only she can pull off such a look.
Most of the jewelry choices however weren’t as bold as Perry’s choice and we were able to see lots of precious stones on the red carpet and amazing couture pieces that matched the dresses perfectly.

Among the pieces that were noticed during the evening we can mention Marishka Hargitay and her amazing Egyptian beetle necklace that looked both colorful and ethnic, Model Hilary Rhoda that looked astounding with a gorgeous Cartier Onyx and diamond necklace and Emmy Rossum that wore an ethnic inspired necklace by House of Lavande. It seems that the other starlets chose to go for a more classical look with diamond pedants and diamond bracelets and we bless them for their fine choice.
We feel lucky that we don’t have to pick our top favorite dresses because we probably won’t know what to choose from.
To see all the looks from the event, please click here.

Diamond ring

Unlike other award ceremonies that are usually more toned down, this evening was all about splurge and the celebration of fashion and that’s probably why we were able to witness such incredible dresses and such amazing pieces of jewelry. We can only hope that all the celebrities will take on this approach in other events as well and will always look glamorous and accessorized and giving us more  eye candies such as this.

No trends at the Oscars

last week we have reported that big statement jewelry are all the rage in the jewelry world and just last night, at the glamorous Oscar awards- all hot jewelry trends have been ignored as the starlets chose to look classy over stylish.

The Oscars is a fairly conservative award ceremony, and that is probably the reason why big statement jewelry weren’t anywhere in sight on the red carpet. In fact- minimalism was the bright star of the ceremony- most celebrities chose not to wear jewelry at all or just settled for a nice pair of decorative diamond earrings instead.

Jennifer Lopez earrings

(Jewelry Insider)

Oval earring studs
Take Oscar winner Sandra Bullock for example- her only accessories were a hot pink lipstick and very subtle diamond earrings. Same goes for Jennifer Lopez: Lopez is usually the queen of drama but this year she decided to tone herself down a little bit by wearing a beautiful Armani dress with large stud diamond earrings.

As far as the other jewelry departments are concerned, we were able to spot some diamond tennis bracelets on celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Mariah Carrey and some gentle necklaces on starlets such as Kate winslet and the lovely Helen Mirren.

Some stars allowed their dresses to steal all the attention as they chose not to wear any jewelry at all- like the amazing Kristen Stewart: Although Stewart’s navy dress was truly a vision- we feel that the presence of chandelier earrings or a gentle necklace might have upgraded her performance to a perfect 10.

At the Oscars

(Jewelry insider)

Four prongs diamonds tennis bracelet
In terms of jewelry no big surprises were seen on the red carpet, it appears that no one wanted to make a big splash in this department (and the preference was to concentrate on the dress instead) and we can’t help but fondly remember Angelina Jolie’s beautiful emerald earrings that she paired up with an amazing black corset dress in the Oscars a few years ago. This Oscars ceremony had a no color policy and we think it’s quite disappointing.


Heart pendant

On a different note- you may have noticed the latest global buzz regarding Tim Burton’s recreation of “Alice in wonderland”. We might have gotten used to the fact that elements taken from the film have already sunk into the world of fashion but the latest news is that the jewelry world has also been affected by the highly anticipated film: nowadays you can find bunny necklaces, hat rings, key hole earrings, “Drink me” bottle necklaces and of course- the watch pedant necklaces in every fashion store. We can’t wait to embrace a necklace with a romantic pedant to ourselves while watching the movie.
Go Alice!

5 of Our Favorite Diamond-Addicted Celebrities

To say being a celebrity and living the Hollywood life is extravagant and luxurious is an understatement. Celebrities drop mega bucks on all sorts of toys, from gigantic Santa Monica mansions to private jets and multiple sports cars. Celebrities do love their things, and sometimes they go a bit overboard. But, there are some things that celebrities just can’t seem to have enough of – diamonds – and we couldn’t be happier. Diamonds define beauty, grace, and eternal divinity, and we agree – no celebrity can ever have enough diamonds. Check out this list of 5 of the most diamond-addicted celebrities in Hollywood, who, despite all they already own, are always looking for more diamonds.

5. Jennifer Aniston, although has hit many romantic ups and down, definitely struck gold with the engagement ring Brad Pitt designed for her before their wedding. A white gold band with 20 perfect diamonds decorated her hand for all the world to see. And she doesn’t stop there – she also sports a few other diamond pieces regularly. One of her favorites is a diamond crescent moon necklace.

4. Nicole Kidman, at the 2008 Oscars, wowed onlookers with a sautoir necklace, apparently made with over 7000 diamonds, all different types. This piece, estimated at 1400 carats, is one of the things people will remember from the Red Carpet that year forever. Nicole showed us exactly how to make a statement with diamonds.

3. Paris Hilton has surrounded herself in diamonds. For brief engagement to Paris Latsis, the Greek shipping heir, she received a 24 carat diamond and platinum engagement ring, which she apparently had to take off since it was too heavy for her to wear. Since she had to take it off, she of course, had to get more diamonds that were more suitable. Paris has been a model for over $3 million in diamonds, started her own collection of diamond necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, and has also been a diamond spokesmodel.

2. Marilyn Monroe may have taught us that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs is a seriously diamond-addicted celebrity, despite his gender. He is always sure to show off some serious bling everywhere he goes.  From diamond necklaces to earrings and watches, Combs has a collection that most celebrities try to rival, but will never surpass. A recent addition to his collection is a diamond-encrusted mp3 player, completely covered with over 120 diamonds.

1. Elizabeth Taylor is our number one diamond-addicted celebrity. She never went out without complementing her natural beauty with that of a diamond. She had a vast personal collection that included pieces such as an antique diamond tiara, a 69 carat pear-shaped diamond, a 29 carat diamond ring, and a 33 carat Krupp Diamond Ring. Just these pieces alone add up to over 130 carats of diamonds! Her life-long passion made its way to the literary world when she wrote the book, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry, where you can read about and see her one-of-a-kind collection.