Are Celebrity Engagement Rings too Big? A Review of the Latest Trends

Celebrities are known for their stand-out lifestyles. Lavish cars, dining at only the best restaurants, wearing Versace, Gucci handbags slung over their shoulders, and of course, wearing some of the biggest and most beautiful diamond jewelry any of us have ever seen. So is there really such a thing as an engagement ring that’s too big? The trends are saying no.

42_62_TSTB_Pics_800x800_Yellow_001Engagement rings among celebs are getting larger by the season it seems. Some say it all started with the star who has received more engagement rings than all other stars; the lovely Elizabeth Taylor.

When Taylor became engaged to husband number three in 1957, she toted a whopping 30 carat diamond engagement ring for all to see. Seems big diamond engagement rings are finding their way onto the red carpet once again.

In 2005, Paris Hilton was given a brilliant 24-carat diamond engagement ring from her fiancé, Paris Latisis. Music legends, Mariah Carey and Beyonce both received striking diamond engagement rings from their significant others. Carey landed a 17-carat emerald-cut pink diamond and Beyonce’s rapper boyfriend, Jay-Z, proposed to her in 2007 with a beautiful 18-carat diamond engagement ring. And let’s not forget Kim Kardashian’s mammoth 20.5-carat diamond engagement ring.

So the question still begs; are celebrity engagement rings too big? Well, it’s really a matter of opinion. Some circles believe they’re all in competition with one another to see who can give/receive the biggest engagement ring. Who cares why these huge diamond engagements rings are being gifted. They are still remarkable, unique stones that dazzle everyone’s senses.

Others believe these famous engagement rings are simply a sign of the times, and a growing trend that will continue to grow each year. Maybe so, but what it boils down to is personal opinion. That’s what’s so great about giving your girl a diamond engagement ring.

The one you pick out is special because you picked it out. We all look at these big celebrity diamond engagement rings and say wow! But, then we glance down at the one our soul mate bought specially for us, and our hearts melt all over again.

There’s probably a limit to how big an engagement ring need be. Of course, that limit hasn’t been reached yet as is evident with the ever-growing size of the engagement rings celebrities are gifting to their lovers. Still, determining what is and isn’t too big for an engagement ring is entirely up to the giver and the receiver.

If your better half, got down on one knee and proposed to you with a huge diamond ring would that bother you? What if the ring wasn’t big? What if it was a simple 1-carat cushion-cut diamond perched elegantly on a simple gold band? Would that be ok with you? Of course it would because it the message behind the ring that matters most.

I love you!

There’s no better way to say it except with a diamond!