Exploring the Many Shapes of Diamonds

From the most fabulous engagement rings of celebrities, to loose diamonds for many different purposes, diamonds are universally appreciated for their beauty and splendor. Let’s take a look at some of the most common shapes.


Round is by far the most popular cut, and for good reason. The round shape provides the most brilliance and fire. You’ll find round stones in just about every kind of jewelry today and they never seem to lose their appeal. However, round diamonds can be more expensive than other cuts, as there is considerable amount of waste created in the cutting process.

loose diamonds - Pear Diamond
loose diamonds – Pear Diamond


The princess cut has only been with us for a few decades, but it is one of the more popular choices. The amazing princess cut diamond engagement ring worn by Ali Larter, of Heroes, is a perfect example. Princess is a good cut for everyday people also. The square cut provides little waste and this makes for a more economical stone, and they are commonly seen in solitaire engagement rings.


A cushion cut stone looks like a soft cushion. The edges are rounded and you receive a great deal of fire and brilliance. Cushion cut stones are nothing new, as they have been with us for a couple of centuries. In fact, they are an excellent choice for antique style rings. A good example of a great cushion cut ring is the ten carat sparkler worn by fashion icon Rachel Zoe.


Some say a radiant cut is somewhere in between princess and cushion cut diamonds. This cut contains many triangular shaped facets, providing maximum brilliance. Radiant cuts resemble princess cut stones with the corners cut off, but they do not have the rounded corners of the cushion cut.


The emerald cut is perhaps the most unique cut of all, because it is not designed to have a great deal of sparkle or brilliance. It gets its name because it is made to look like an emerald. The cut is rectangular with squared off edges, and it provides an effect like standing in front of many mirrors. This is a prized cut for famous people, and two good examples are the huge emerald cut engagement rings worn by Mariah Carey and Beyoncé.


Before the emerald cut came the Asscher. This square cut has the edges cut off with facets almost all the way to the center of the stone. The Asscher is a trademark cut and there are only so many available. This raises the demand and the price.


This cut resembles an eye. It works well when it has smaller stones surrounding it.


Pear shaped stones have been used for many hundreds of years. They are perfect for many kinds of pendants and rings.


A heart shape diamond tells others that you love them. Once used a great deal in engagement rings, they are very popular today in a variety of pendants.


Oval shaped stones set in rings are made for smaller hands. They are not that common, and are excellent for unique style rings.


Triangle cuts are popular for diamond stud earrings. However, there is no reason you cannot use them for unique rings and other types of jewelry. No matter what shape diamonds you want, you’ll find the best selection of diamonds and engagement rings at trusted online jewelers like DiamondsUSA.