Why Propose with Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

She is the perfect woman and you know you will never find another one like her. You don’t want to let you get away, so it’s best to lock her down to a long term commitment as soon as you can. What better way to get a lifetime commitment than to propose marriage? However, what kind of ring will make the best impression? After all, if she says no, you might not get another chance. Consider the many benefits that come with clarity enhanced diamonds. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your odds for a “yes”.


Saving Money

You can save a lot of money when you buy clarity enhanced diamonds. They are much cheaper than non-enhanced stones of the same clarity. It’s possible to save fifty percent in some cases.

What is clarity enhancement?

A clarity enhanced diamond is not fake or created in a lab. One should never confused clarity enhanced with artificial or faux diamonds like rhinestones or other diamond substitutes. In fact, they are not manmade or simulated diamonds. Clarity enhanced diamonds are naturally mined stones just like any other natural diamond. However, they contain tiny flaws called inclusions, and they have been repaired. These flaws are not just tiny, they are microscopic and they don’t change the strength or integrity of the stone, but they can affect a diamond’s ability to reflect light.

The clarity enhancement process

Not all flawed diamonds can be repaired. In fact, only a small percentage of these stones are candidates for clarity enhancement. To start, the stones are heated to about 600F. Next, a special resin is infused into the tiny inclusions. This repairs the inclusion by allowing light to pass through and greatly improves the sparkle and brilliance.

These repairs are permanent and that is why your jeweler offers a lifetime guarantee on clarity enhanced diamonds. It doesn’t matter if you purchase loose diamonds for sale or diamond engagement rings. The stones have the same guarantee.

What kind of enhanced diamonds are available?

You’ll find clarity enhanced selections in all cuts and sizes. Some are round, some might be oval shaped, and there are some excellent cushion cut diamonds that will save you a lot of money. These stones are graded and certified just like other natural stones, so you can be assured you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Do these stones need special care?

A clarity enhanced stone is just as strong and durable as ones that have not been enhanced. However, since the repair process requires heat, one should not subject these diamonds to intense heat (like with a soldering torch). If you buy loose diamonds and want them set into jewelry later, you’ll need to notify the jeweler that the stone has been clarity enhanced. This is also true when you require jewelry repairs.

If you need to clean your stones, make sure to use a brush with soft bristles and jewelry cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Clarity enhanced stones can also be cleaned with ultra sonic or steam cleaning methods.

Are clarity enhanced stones guaranteed?

When you buy from a reputable jeweler like Diamonds USA you will receive a lifetime guarantee on your clarity enhanced diamonds. Should you ever have any problems, they will be taken care of promptly and for no charge.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – Are They Bad?

What’s a clarity-enhanced diamond? Are they a real diamond? Are they less expensive than other diamonds? If you’re not familiar with clarity-enhanced diamonds, these are just some of the thoughts that are probably swimming around in your head. Here’s a brief overview of what clarity-enhanced diamonds are that should clear up the mystery.

First you’ve got to know what clarity means. Clarity refers to the extent to which a diamond has imperfections in it; the fewer imperfections, the better clarity rating; the more imperfections, the lower a clarity rating.

The huge Blue shield diamondAll diamonds are formed under intense heat, and tons and tons of pressure. As such, all diamonds have some degree of imperfections. Called inclusions or blemishes, and in some cases, birthmarks, these imperfections effect the clarity of diamonds. So how are diamonds clarity-enhanced?

There are three basic ways a diamond can be clarity-enhanced. First, a diamond cutter can attempt to cut away the imperfections as she or he shapes the diamond. This isn’t terribly effective if there are a lot of imperfections, but sometimes this is all that’s needed. The other 2 ways of enhancing the clarity of a diamond are laser drilling and fracture drilling.

Laser drilling is the process where a pathway is drilled into the diamond using a laser. Then acid is poured into the pathway, and the imperfection is bleached. The other process is called fracture drilling.

Fracture drilling is a process where a glass-like substance is injected into the diamond. The glass substance will hide the imperfections. This process is very hard to detect, and the GIA will only certify a stone that has been fracture drilled if a notation that the diamond has undergone the procedure is  included.

So the question now becomes; Are clarity-enhanced diamonds less valuable than other diamonds? In a word…no. The opposite can actually happen when a diamond has been clarity-enhanced.

This is because any one of these processes will decrease the number of imperfections a diamond had.  Because fewer imperfections means a better clarity rating, and a better clarity rating contributes to a greater value placed on the diamond, manually enhancing the clarity of a diamond can ultimately increase the value of the diamond.

For instance, let’s say you purchased loose diamonds for a sum of two thousand dollars. After you purchased them, you had the diamonds clarity-enhanced to remove some or all of the imperfections that were in the diamonds when you purchased them. Now, because the imperfections have been removed, you can actually resell the diamonds for more money than you originally paid for them because they now have a better clarity rating.

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are real diamonds, and they are more often than not, more valuable than diamonds that haven’t been enhanced, but are instead, left in their natural state of being which can include more imperfections.

Simply put; clarity-enhanced diamonds are not bad.