Clarity Enhanced Diamonds; What are they and What’s Their Value

Except for their varying colors and different sizes, many people assume all diamonds are relatively alike. The truth is the clarity of a diamond varies as well, and it’s another attribute that makes a diamond so unique. And, even though some diamonds have their clarity enhanced they are still unique and just as precious.

What is a diamond’s clarity?

DiamondsA diamond’s clarity refers to the number and degree of imperfections a diamond naturally has. All diamonds have some degree of imperfections. These exquisite stones are formed under intense heat and tons of pressure within the earth. This beating lasts for thousands of years until finally a remarkable stone is created; but the beating they take as they form also causes them to have imperfections.

Imperfections, or inclusions and blemishes as they are often called, will have an effect on a diamond’s value. For instance, if a diamond has a lot of blemishes and imperfections, it is considered less valuable than one with fewer imperfections.

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

Let’s start by clarifying (No pun intended!) that clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds. They haven’t been grown in a laboratory. The difference is that the clarity of these diamonds has been manually enhanced to reduce the appearance of the imperfections they naturally have.

How are diamonds clarity enhanced?

There are two methods used to enhance the clarity of diamonds; laser drilling in which a laser is used to drill a path into the diamond, into which acid is poured in an attempt to bleach out the imperfection, and fracture drilling in which a glass-like substance is manually injected into the diamond as a means of hiding the diamond’s imperfections.

Both processes are very common, and are accepted as honest procedures within the diamond community. Clarity enhanced diamonds are very hard to detect; laser drilling leaves only a small dot on the diamonds surface, and a thin, white line that can be seen when the diamond is viewed from the side, and fracture drilling leaves almost no visible markings at all.

How does this process affect the diamonds value?

The process of enhancing a diamond doesn’t diminish its value at all. Quite the opposite is true. When a diamond is enhanced the result is a diamond with fewer imperfections. Fewer imperfections mean a better clarity rating. A better clarity rating places more value on the stone. Here’s an example of how the value of a diamond can increase due to clarity enhancing.

Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase a diamond for $3,000.00 in its natural state. In other words, it hasn’t been enhanced in any way. If you take that diamond and have the clarity enhanced, in essence you remove some of the imperfections in it which makes it become more valuable. You could then resell the diamond for a great price than you originally paid for it.

Clarity enhanced diamonds can be just as valuable as a diamond in its natural state, and in some cases, even more valuable!