Think pink

A leading international auction house of fine jewelry based in Toronto has announced that its upcoming Toronto sale and auction of jewels will feature the most valuable and rarest pink diamond ever to become available in the country.

Weighing a sp

ectacular 10.11 carats, this conflict-free gem, discovered in the Argyle Diamond Mines of Australia, is among the rarest collectible items ever to be offered in the region. The auction value of the diamond has been set anywhere from $2.5 million to $3 million. The most expensive pink diamond ever to be sold was a 5 carat world record pink diamond piece that sold for the price of $10.8 million dollars in Hong Kong last December.

Diamond and pink Sapphires engagement ring settings

k rel=”nofollow”>Colored gemstones are very desirable because of their exceeding rarity. Celebrity endorsements in the form of pink diamond engagement rings have made them even more desirable and chic. Carla Bruni, the model/singer and wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy sports a pink diamond engagement ring as well as Jennifer Lopez from the notorious Bennifer era, and Victoria Backham, the posh spice. It is however most probable that the fate of this spectacular gem will be set at a safety box or a secure safe once purchased.

The purple heart ring

$30,000 heart-shaped engagement diamond ring on Carla Bruni’s finger from the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy (pic via).

Jennifer Lopez pink engagement ring from Ben Affleck

the infamous 6.5 carat brilliant pink diamond engagement ring, from ex fiancée Ben Affleck (pic via)


Yellow diamonds

The hidden colors in natural white diamonds. A different diamond color for each of your dresses. Yellow, Blue, and in between

Not too long ago it took us three days to travel 50 miles with a donkey. Today we can do it within sev

eral minutes thanks to technology and modern cars. In fact, today we can cross the entire globe in a few seconds with an email message.

Ocean blue Oval diamond
Until 50 years ago, Diamonds were women”s best friend only if she was wealthy enough to afford it. In order to own a blue diamond for example you needed to become an emperor.

Fancy vivid yellow round diamond

Today, you can get natural diamonds in few different colors in the same price of a white diamond of Any size and in any budget. The most popular color today is the Fancy Yellow, Canary Yellow, or as defined in diamond certificates: “Fancy vivid yellow diamonds ” and ” Fancy intense vivid yellow diamonds”.

This same process takes place underground as well, but in uncontrolled conditions and take millions of years to produce. Only 1% of natural mined diamonds will come out in a fancy color.

The beautiful color, such as the yellow shade, that sparkle out of the diamond is a result of an incoming white color light rays. The white beam contains all rainbow colors; When a beam of light enters a polished diamond, some colors will be absorbed in the crystal, some will escape, and mostly one color will come out to our eyes and we see the diamond as “Yellow Diamonds” (or in other colors)

Apple green diamond

Two main reasons to have natural fancy diamonds color like “yellow diamonds”:

1. Chemical impurities: During the formation of a diamond in nature, atoms of foreign chemical elements, mainly boron and nitrogen, replace some carbon atoms, creating color centers in the diamond lattice, they will be the reason for the new fancy colors, after stage 2 will happen.

Black round diamond
2. Imperfect structure. Sometimes when the diamond is exposed to extremely high pressure in nature, the crystal structure of the diamond is changed in some places. The distance between atoms is decreased, and such diamonds often get fancy colors.

We provide the immature diamonds the right conditions in order to accomplish their full color potential.

Yellow diamond or other colored diamonds for jewelry designers and manufactures are a dream comes true. The sky is the limit now for new jewelry lines with the new color addition.

Fancy vivid yellow Princess diamond

(All the photos are taken from

For more details about Yellow diamonds visit fancy color enhanced diamond collection.

Diamonds Doing Well At Auction Despite Recession

Despite the recession, diamond sales continue to perform well. When comparing sales figures for In recent months both Christie”s and Sotheby”s auction houses have suffered badly due to the recession. However they both have recently confirmed that one sector that both see positive positive sales figures are diamonds sales.

According to the New York Times article, David Bennet, chairman of Sotheby’s jewelry departments in Europe and the Middle East, is quoted at recent auctions “it felt like being back in the good old days of the mid-1990s.”

In recent auction lots, the “Star of Josephine,” a vivid blue colored diamond, with a weight of 7.03 carats., sold for $9.48 million equivalent to just over $1.34 million a carat, making it the most expensive gem per carat ever sold in any auction. At a similar period in an auction in Geneva, a rare pink pear diamond weighing almost 5.29 carats, sold for over $2.04 million, or $385,633 per carat.

Also selling well were jewelry pieces that were either already collectible, or interpreted by the market as being collectible.

Tiaras necklaces and earrings all with documented ownership by European royalty at times almost quadrupled their estimates. For example, a pair of ear clips described as “the property of a German Princely and Liechtenstein Ruling Family,” did just that when it just barely missed sold for $420,000.

Because of the desire for collectible pieces, 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s stamped and marked pieces by famous designers are also doing well. A mystery set by Van Cleef & Arpels designed in the form of two intertwined leaves set with sapphires and diamonds hauled in $112,845, well over the expected price.