Price and Demand Shuffle in the Colored Diamond Section

Price and Demand Shuffle in the Colored Diamond Section

After ages of living in the fringes, colored diamonds are finally on the rise. The impact of introduction of colored diamonds in the international landscape was almost dramatic. While some found themselves lacking reason to justify why they have so long ignored this section, while others were dumbfounded and exalted at the same time just to learn that their favorite diamonds come in colors too. In other words, the global market showed an expressed interest in color diamonds, a proclivity which hasn’t died, but proliferated since its first day.

To support that trend shifting with some facts, the Fancy Color Research Foundation published a report which indicated that prices of blue diamonds have inflected higher in 2016. To that point, it was safe to infer that the demand for blue diamonds has followed a similar path prior to the price spurt.

Stats shared in the Fancy Color Diamond Index states that the rise occurred by a measure of 0.4% as compared to last year.

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Rainbow colors

Blue diamond color and the rest

While that is the reality for blue diamonds, the FRCF dives into the status quo of other fancy colored diamonds. The researchers surface with data that suggests a stagnation in the prices in the final quarter of 2016. When this situation is matched with that of the previous 3 quarters, not much change could be registered. Researches have been able to confer two clear trends in the pricing this year. The price chart for blue diamonds are getting revised too sooner with a marked acceleration in demand and offset in the price of fancy yellow diamonds.

To put this in perspective, the prices of yellow diamonds have taken a hit. Figures collected state that the decline in the prices of yellow diamonds has been between 1 and 2%. This is the reality for vivid and intense bright yellow diamonds. However, though the commercial stones have taken a dip, the rare and best-grade yellow diamonds are still in demand and up in the pricing category.

Speaking specifically of blue diamonds which are currently up in the clouds, the ratings of these stones have gone through the roof. Experts attribute two causes contributory to this movement. First, the blue diamonds are in pretty short supply, chiefly because they occur lesser than the other varieties. Notwithstanding the scarcity, these diamonds are in a healthy demand in the market. To top it off, blue diamonds like pink diamonds in best grades and fine cuts are not abundantly available.

In the light of this, a new movement has been recorded in the market which will presumably bring back yellow diamonds to their heydays. Very recently, yellow rough diamonds have gone up in demand which is likely to alter the prices once again.

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