Diamond Cleaning Tips

Fine, expensive and fragile jewelry are precious possessions that should be designed and crafted to last a lifetime. The best way to keep you rings and jewelry clean and looking good is to clean them gently and often using a simple process such as the one outlined below.

1. Clean the sink
2. Soak your diamond ring in the sink half filled with warm water.
3. Fill a small bowl with window cleaner or non-bleach cleaner.
4. Place the ring from the warm water in the sink to the bowl
5. Allow the ring soak for 10 minutes.
6. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the diamond ring
7. Refill the sink with clean warm water and soak the diamond for 5 minutes
8. Again gently scrub the ring with the toothbrush, wlthough now under a flow of cold water.
9. Rinse using warm water.
10. Repeat, if necessary, until you achieve the brilliant sparkle you deserve.