How to Purchase the Perfect Engagement Ring?

The diamond engagement ring is still the most popular choice among all engagement rings. However, they’ve come a long way from the traditional stone mounted on a plain band. Diamo


d engagement rings have become a sort of art form that many men are putting their own imaginations into. The key to purchasing the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé is to know your fiancé.

Three round diamonds ringOk, it sounds a little redundant, but what better information can you have for finding the perfect ring? Just take a close look at what her likes are and aren’t with regard to the current jewelry she wears. Does it seem like she prefers one shape more than another? Are her jewelry pieces extravagant and unique or do they have a hint of traditional in them? Once you’re armed with that information you can begin your search for the perfect engagement ring.

First decide what shape she’d like. Diamond engagement rings are available in many different shapes. Some of the most popular shapes include round, princess cut and oval; but there are other shapes such as marquise, emerald and pear shape. Once you’ve decided on the shape of the stone you can begin to create her diamond engagement ring.

What size stone would look good for the shape you’ve chosen? The bigger the better isn’t always true with regards to the aesthetic appearance of diamond engagement rings. Sure bigger can mean more expensive, but that shouldn’t be what motivates you. Creating or finding a diamond engagement ring that will steal her heart all over again is what’s most important.

If you’re only going to have the one stone, size wouldn’t really matter as any solitary stone will look good on a band no matter what size it is. If, however, you’re searching for diamond engagement rings that have accompanying stone in the setting, size might matter. Another consideration would be color.

Diamonds come in an array of colors such as yellow, green, pink and blue, red and the traditional white. Colorless stone are rare and cost significantly more than colored stones because of this.

So now you’ve got the shape, size and color, and setting of the diamond engagement ring. Comparing prices is the final step in finding the perfect engagement ring. Your best tool for this is a diamond price comparison chart which can be found all over the internet.

This chart is constantly updated to reflect the current prices of diamonds with regard to the 5 C’s; clarity, color, cut, carat and certification. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which is a highly respected and extremely reliable source of diamond grading in the world, created the chart, which grades diamonds on these 5 characteristics. Now the question is where to look?

You have the option of shopping for engagement rings at a traditional brick and mortar diamond business, but you’ll find a much wider selection, and more often than not, the best prices buy shopping around in cyberspace.

Just be prepared, and know what you’re looking for, and you should have no problem finding the perfect engagement ring for your loved one