Clarity Enhanced Diamond Engagement Rings – Affordable Quality

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Engagement Rings – Affordable Quality

If you are shopping for engagement rings, clarity enhanced diamonds can be a good choice. The flaws have been removed and repaired through a special process, and only an expert can tell on close examination. In fact, there are many good reasons to invest in these beautiful stones.


Whether you want the perfect ring or loose diamonds for sale, cost is the most important factor. Naturally, most people want to buy the biggest and most brilliant stone that they can afford, especially when shopping diamond engagement rings. It is sometimes possible to purchase a lovely stone for about half the price of an un-enhanced one, when you choose clarity enhanced (CE).

With the money you save, you may wish to purchase a larger diamond. However, you also can spend the money on a more elaborate engagement ring setting. Either way, you get quite a bit more for your money with this strategy.

Engagement ring with Princess side Aquamarines






Engagement rings should be impressive. After all, many women love to show them off and brag about their wonderful fiancés and men love to brag about the lovely ring they bought for their sweethearts. With clarity enhanced stones you can afford to purchase a more impressive ring, and no one can tell the difference (unless you mention it).


Quality is just as important as cost, because no one wants to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring only to have problems with it. When you shop with a quality online jeweler like diamonds USA, you can be assured of the highest quality. In fact, their clarity enhanced diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee. Should anything happen, they will be more than happy to make any necessary repairs, and for no charge.


Enhanced stones are just as durable as ones that have not been enhanced. They will last for generations and look just as beautiful years from now as today. However, if they are subjected to very high heat (like from a jewelry repair torch) it may cause damage. Yet, as long as the jeweler is aware that you have an enhanced stone, there should be no problems.


Due to the much lower price of clarity enhanced diamonds, you can be more flexible with your options when shopping engagement rings. For example, you can choose a more expensive cut like a heart shaped stone. You also may wish to purchase a ring with side stones like aquamarine or amethyst, and of course you can always add more diamonds.

Common misconceptions about clarity enhanced diamonds

Clarity enhanced stones are real natural diamonds. They should never be confused with manmade or synthetically produced stones. The only difference between an enhanced stone and a natural one, is specific flaws have been repaired to enhance the beauty, brilliance, and fire.

Your right to beautiful diamonds and jewelry

Everyone should have the right to purchase beautiful diamond engagement rings at a price that does not break the budget or create financial hardship. There is no need to sacrifice quality when you pay less for your diamonds, and with clarity enhanced diamonds set or loose Diamonds USA assures you of the highest quality and the lowest of prices.

5 Hot Engagement Ring Trends

5 Hot Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond engagement rings will never go out of style. They are as popular today as they were many years ago. However, some styles come and go and some types of rings are becoming trendier than others. Here are five trends in engagement rings that are very popular this year.

Halo rings

A halo ring usually has one round diamond in the middle and it is surrounded by a halo of smaller accenting stones that may or may not be diamonds. This creates the “bigger is better” effect. For example, the right setting surrounding a large stone can make it appear much larger and you can have a ring similar to many modern day celebrities. The amazing rings worn by Olivia Wilde, Nicole Richie, and Amy Adams, are just three fabulous examples of halo engagement rings, and the ring owned by Carrie Underwood is believed to be worth in excess of a million dollars. What woman wouldn’t love to have something that resembles Carrie’s halo ring with its large fancy yellow stone in the middle?


Flowers are definitely hot and you can purchase some amazing rings with flower themes, when you shop. Some rings are flower centered like the one that Liam Hemsworth gave to Miley Cyrus. When you go with a top online jeweler you can find some lovely viola flower rings with a lovely stone set in a rose.

Flower motifs are very popular because they represent spring and the renewal that it brings, as two people start a new life together. There should be plenty of fine flower motif selections available for some time to come.







The look of yesterday is a popular as ever and it shows in many of the antique style engagement rings you’ll see on the hands of famous women. Penelope Cruz, Milla Jovovich, and Kate Moss, have some of the most unique antique rings you will find.

Many vintage rings have very ornate settings and are hand engraved, and the Victorian style diamond engagement ring is one of the all-time classics. Currently, there is an abundance of finely produced antique style rings, so you do not have to pay a fortune for old rings.


Although white diamonds represent purity, colored stones are very distinctive and present a unique look that many celebrities are going for. Whether it is the pink sparkler on the hand of Jennifer Lopez or the 5 carat yellow beauty worn by Kelly Clarkson, diamond engagement rings with colored diamonds are extremely popular. You can find a good assortment of colored stones at your online jeweler, and yellow and chocolate are some of the top sellers.

Horizontal Settings

If you want something different, try a diamond engagement ring with the stone set horizontally. This provides a very unique look that so many women are going for this year. This kind of setting works very well for oval shaped stones. Also, remember that choosing jewelers is just as important as rings and loose diamonds, so choose an online jeweler with plenty of experience and the best guarantees.

Buy Diamonds And Engagement Rings Online

Buy Diamonds And Engagement Rings Online
Whether you’re a first-time diamond shopper or you’ve already done your fair share of diamond purchasing, be sure to include shopping online in your efforts to find that perfect diamond engagement ring. The pros of shopping online for diamonds far outweigh the cons. Here’s why.

The Trickle Effect
More retailers than ever before have turned in the keys to their traditional brick and mortar stores. They’ve opted instead to do business on the World Wide Web. The advantages to them numerous, including increased storage space, and an incredible monetary savings by not having to employ so many people, and not being obligated to shell out money on a space to sell their goods. This financial savings trickles down to you in the form of great prices on diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds and other fine diamond jewelry.
More competition
Nowadays, consumers looking for just about anything can simply surf the internet to find what they need. Diamond retailers and wholesalers know this and realize that the simplicity of internet shopping has put them at a disadvantage. Why? Because there is more competition than ever before, and every one of those merchandisers are vying for your dollars. This thick competitive atmosphere drives consumer pricing down, and significantly increases your opportunity for finding stunning diamond engagement rings at lower-than-ever-before prices.
Diamond merchandise in any form (Loose or pre-fabricated jewelry) can take up a lot of space very quickly. Diamond retailers who do business online don’t have to worry so much about finding adequate storage space. This means they can have a lot of overhead available to them for immediate sale. This significantly increases the variety of diamond merchandise they can offer to you at any one time.
A few other online benefits
When you shop for diamonds online you won’t be perched against some jewelry counter waiting for a sales person to finish up with one customer so they can assist you with your needs. You also don’t have to tackle busy highways or crowded malls (especially during the holiday season!), and you won’t have to invest so much of your valuable time shopping for diamond engagement rings. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.
Your best tools for buying diamonds and engagement rings online
Get yourself a copy of the Rapaport Diamond Report. This is an industry-wide report that diamond dealers use when setting an asking price for their diamonds and engagement rings. It’s published on a weekly basis, and any reputable diamond site should be able to show you how to get one. Use this as a pricing tool when searching for your diamonds.
More importantly than anything else, educate yourself by understanding the grading scale used to grade diamonds. The 4 C’s of the diamond industry (cut, carat, clarity, and color) are a universal grading system that is a wealth of knowledge you should understand, and call on, when purchasing diamonds online.

Famous celebrities and famous diamonds

It seems when it comes to jewels, diamonds and celebrities go hand in hand. It is on celebrities that we see many stunning pieces of jaw-dropping designs in the form of diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklaces and exquisite diamond pendants. No matter who wears it or where we happen to see it, beautiful jewelry that adorn the rich and famous are often admired and envied by everyone.


Regular folk such as us also keep an eye on celebrities for their unique choice of round diamond engagement rings. From modern actresses to past starlets, beautiful diamonds get as much notice as the person wearing them.


If you’re a fan of celebrities wild for jewelryDiamonds you’re probably aware of some of the more well-known collectors who have an eye, and bank account, for the finer things in life. Take for example, leading ladies such as Jackie Onassis, Ivanka Trump, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. To this list you can also add Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gloria Swanson, Katie Holms and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a few of the more notorious diamond-loving celebrities.


You may already know that it was Marilyn Monroe who sang the famous song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Oddly enough, this stunning Hollywood actress did not own many jewels herself but she most certainly knew how to add an extra sparkle to them when she wore them. One of her most memorable pieces was a 24-carat pear shaped yellow diamond in her photo, The Moon of Baroda.


Other famous faces with a taste for sparkling glamour include the late Brittney Murphy. She too was a fan of yellow diamonds, which was to be the first of two engagement rings from her fiancé. This 5-carat diamond was adorned by a ring of smaller diamonds for an extra touch. Her second engagement ring was a stunning 6.5-carats. This beautiful cushion cut stone was cut to rest on a diamond-studded band.


Another famous engagement ring included that of Selita Ebanks who was presented with a gorgeous cushion cut 15-carat diamond. Although the engagement didn’t last, the diamond sure has.


How could anyone forget the incredible 19th century, 150-carat choker diamond necklace worn by Nicole Kidman to the Oscars? No wonder she too, sang the famous song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!


Of course Elizabeth Taylor was as known for her passion of diamonds as much as she was known for her movies. She made no attempt to hide her obsession for the beautiful stones but instead, became rather famous for owning some of the most spectacular stones on earth.


The starlet actress and her adorning husbands kept her draped in diamonds, so much so, that several of the most famous diamonds were known to belong to her. One of these magnificent stones was the 33.19-carat Asscher cut Krupp Diamond that she received as a gift from Richard Burton in 1968. She wore this magnificent diamond ring everywhere she went. Elizabeth Taylor was also gifted with the Taj Mahal diamond for her 40th birthday as well as, what became known as the Taylor / Burton diamond. This monster 69.42-carat was cut pear shaped rated as D-color; flawless!

Guess who did it again

Mrs Britney Spears displayed what seemed to be a brand new diamond engagement ring from boyfriend (and perhaps soon to be husband), Jason Trawick. The pair recently return

ed from a romantic Hawaiian vacation, and while on lunch at Johnny rockets with son Jayden James this past Friday the megastar flashed a fancy diamond engagement ring on t

hat very important finger. Spears have been known to wear jewelry of this kind before without having any matrimonial plans, and yet the timing and the extraordinary diamond accessory lead us to think otherwise. it seems as though Mrs. Spears has done it again.

Britney Spears engagement ring pic