Most Popular Engagement Ring Trend for 2016

13_3030579_Pics_800x800_White_002When you shop diamond engagement rings you may look at some yellow or fancy colored stones. However, this could be a good time to consider black diamonds because they are rising in popularity, and now is the time to buy before prices go up. But what are black diamonds and why are they suddenly chic? Let’s take a closer look and see, shall we?

What are Black Diamonds?

Some people believe black diamonds are real while others say they have been artificially created. In essence, both are right. A natural black diamond is created in nature when deposits of graphite make their way into the developing stone over the course of millions of years.


Natural black stones are considered to be rare and this has led to companies creating them out of low grade diamonds. With a heat treatment, rough stones are turned black, and these are very inexpensive. In fact, they can sometimes be purchased as cheaply as $300 per carat. However, you get what you pay for and the resale value is low and enhanced black stones are not graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Even though a natural black stone is rare, it is still very affordable. In fact, if you shop wisely, you may find some in the three to five thousand dollar per carat range. In other words, you can shop for diamond engagement rings with large black stones and still come in under budget.

Black diamonds are found mostly in two regions, Africa and Brazil. When shopping for jewelry or loose diamonds for sale, look for fancy black stones. Natural black diamonds are considered to be a fancy color. You need to be very careful when shopping for black stones so you do not pay natural prices for treated stones, as the difference in price is significant.

Shopping Tips

As you shop, you may notice that some stones are labeled as “enhanced”. This is not the same thing as clarity enhanced diamonds. The clarity enhancement process is used to repair tiny flaws in clear type diamonds. This gives them more sparkle and makes them more sought after. In fact, you cannot tell that a CE stone has been repaired unless you are a diamond professional, and the savings can be substantial.

Remember, an enhanced black stone has been treated to turn it black and should never be confused with a stone that is naturally black or one that has had inclusions repaired (clarity enhanced).

Why the Popularity?

These things can greatly enhance precious stones’ popularity:

  • Something new or novel
  • Uniqueness
  • Contrasting colors and designs
  • Price – most people must be able to afford it.
  • Celebrities – when the rich and famous step out, people notice and many want to emulate their favorite people.

Black diamonds are a relatively new sensation and they are affordable. Plus, Carmen Electra has a very stunning black diamond engagement ring and Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie been seen with some very elegant black diamond jewelry in recent years. Of course, if you are a fan of the “Sex and the City” show, you are aware of the stunning black diamond halo engagement ring given to Carrie Bradshaw from Mr. Big.

10 Hot Engagement Ring Trends

If you are thinking about buying an engagement ring in the near future, you have a lot of choices to make. Some rings are trendier than others and if you want to be chic, you’ll want something that is definitely “in”. Here are 10 of the hottest trends in engagement rings this year.

  1. Sapphires and diamonds

Ever since Kate Middleton showed off her amazing sapphire engagement ring (once owned by Princess Diana) sapphires have been making a comeback, and you can see them on the hands of many of the rich and famous.

Not long ago, British stage and film star Carey Mulligan received a diamond engagement ring with sapphire side stones, from rock star Marcus Mumford. The ring is as unique as it is stunning. Diamond and sapphire rings are available to everyday people and you can find an excellent engagement ring with two royal blue side sapphires in the shape of hearts. Plus, you may choose from a large selection of loose diamonds for your center stone. This way, the ring can be customized many different ways.


  1. Cushion cut

Cushion cut engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. This cut will go with so many settings and styles. In fact, you can buy them as loose diamonds and have them set into the perfect ring.

  1. Halos

Halo rings are some of the most beautiful engagement rings you can buy. Halo engagement rings enhance your center stone and make it appear to be larger. This is a good way to upgrade your engagement ring without spending more money.

  1. Halos with smooth bands

Many lovely halo rings use paved diamonds for the halo effect. However, the band is also paved with diamonds. Some of the most popular selections have polished and smooth bands without paving. This is a unique look that is turning many heads these days, and it can save you money.

  1. Double halos

If one halo is amazing, then two halos must be even better. That is the way that many couples are thinking these days. A double halo ring will greatly increase your bling and sparkle.

  1. Triple halos

If you want something truly unique, try a triple halo ring with a smooth band. Maybe you like contrast. If so, opt for a yellow gold band.


  1. Vintage style

Vintage is nothing new. In fact, the concept and design is very old, but vintage is still in vogue this year. Choose from a lovely Victorian style, Art Deco, cathedral style ring, and there are many other choices too.

  1. Split band

These rings are sometimes referred to as “split shank” and they offer a different look. A split band ring has a band that separates as it crosses the center stone. Many people choose this ring because it is a timeless classic, and ten years from now it will still be in style.

  1. Twist

Do you like unique? Maybe the split band is not your style? You should check out the many twisted band styles.

  1. Floral Motif

Many women are choosing engagement rings with a flower design. This is not only unique but you can choose from a number of diamond cuts for the center diamond, for a customized appearance.

Selecting the Right Side Stones for Engagement Rings

Planning a marriage and a life together is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do. It starts with an agreement to wed and then an engagement ring is essential. In fact, an engagement ring is of the most important things a woman can wear for the rest of her life. Many rings have more than one diamond and if you want something with side stones, it will provide more sparkle and beauty. But how do you choose the side stones?

Diamond Ring

Three stone engagement rings

Would you like to have a three stone ring? These types usually have a large stone with two smaller side stones. One of the first things to remember in three stone settings is to focus on the main diamond. In other words, the side stones should not be too large, so they take away from the main stone and all of its features. Instead, side stones should accent these features.

Color matters

Try to keep the color grades of the main stone and side stones equal. This will provide a ring that is balanced in appearance. In other words, if you cannot afford a high color grade for the main diamond, don’t opt for high color grades for the side stones.


Your jeweler may provide you with many options and you can select side A and side B stones separately. However, it is usually a good idea to keep these two stones of equal size. Otherwise, the ring may appear to be out of balance.

Non diamond selections

How about something completely different? Did you know you can choose a beautiful three stone engagement ring with a sparkling diamond for the center stone and two lovely amethyst stones on the sides? This will give you a most unique looking ring with plenty of bling and you can save a lot on the cost of a standard three stone ring that comes with three diamonds.

Colored diamonds

Many people like rings with contrast. Since yellow diamonds are readily available, you may consider them for the side stones. You can use a clear diamond for the center. You also can try a yellow diamond for the center and clear ones on the sides.
Halo rings

Halo engagement rings are very popular these days. The side or paved diamonds are usually part of the setting you choose. However, there is a wide variety of setting options and you can even choose to have a halo made from pink sapphires for a most unique look.


You may wish to try out many different combinations before you make up your mind. For instance, when you check out all the available selections at a jeweler like Diamonds-USA, go to the website and select the “engagement rings” and then the “engagement rings with side stones” options.

You will be taken to a large selection of rings and you can check out all the available options. For example, you can see what different colored settings would look like and select several different diamonds and make comparisons right there at the website. That gives you the chance to customize your engagement ring just the way you want it. This may help you pick just the right side stones.

In-demand Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

In-demand Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Somewhere, every day, a man asks a woman to marry him and he presents her with a special ring (or they go shopping together for a ring). This scenario has been going on for centuries and is likely to be with us for many more years. When you shop for diamond engagement rings, here are some of the hottest selling rings you may wish to check out.





Double halo rings

Halo rings are very popular and many are choosing a ring with one row of diamonds surrounding a large stone. However, the double halo is rapidly gaining in popularity. You can buy halo engagement rings with yellow and even chocolate center stones if you wish, when you visit a reputable online jeweler.

Tulip rings

The tulip setting is perfect for a solitaire engagement ring. It resembles the tulip flower and the petals gently support the center stone. You can have a variety of diamond cuts placed in the center, and this style ring is absolutely stunning in a gold setting.

Art deco

Antique rings are in demand and since there is a limited supply or original vintage rings, many ring designers are coming out with some amazing engagement rings in vintage art deco style. Art deco has become “in-demand” every since Scarlett Johansson appeared with her special engagement ring from Romain Dauriac.

The art deco ring is symbolic of the 1920s and it is an eclectic style that utilizes bold and rich geometric shapes. During the peak of Art Deco popularity, the design could be seen in many works of art and architecture. Now you can bring that time era back to life with your very own Art Deco ring, and they are available with white or yellow gold settings.


To pave something means to literally cover it with a material and paved diamonds are many small diamonds that pave a particular area of a ring setting. When you choose paved diamonds you intensify the sparkle and this can make a plain setting look absolutely fabulous.

Side stones

Although solitaire engagement rings are in demand, the side stone ring is catching up, and many of these lovely rings have sapphires and other colorful stones like aquamarine and amethyst. Side stones can be large and come in three stone settings, and you may choose many small diamonds to provide a paved appearance. This style of ring has so many options, it is very easy to select something unique to your needs and wants.





Rose gold

For a long time, most women wanted yellow gold or white gold for their engagement ring settings, but more are seeing the incredible beauty in rose gold. Plus, if you include the color of sapphires in the ring, it enhances its beauty and elegance. Rose gold rings can be purchased with just about any kind of diamond cut that you wish, and if you have loose diamonds, your online jeweler can create the perfect custom diamond engagement ring for you. In fact, you can submit your own design and they will be happy to turn your wildest jewelry dreams into reality.

Before You Buy Engagement Rings in the USA

Before You Buy Engagement Rings in the USA

Shopping for engagement rings is a special time in life. You want everything to be just right and there are several things to take into consideration before you spend your hard earned money. Here are some tips for getting the best deals and finding exactly what you want and need.


Your budget is the most important thing to consider. After all, why waste time looking at things you can’t afford? This can only lead to frustration and needless headaches. Some say you should spend at least a month’s income, while other online sources recommend as high as three month’s earnings.

The truth is, there is no set amount and you should not go so far in debt that it creates hardship, and that is certainly no way to start a marriage. Both man and woman should sit down and discuss the cost. If you plan to finance the purchase, consider how the payments will affect your household budget now and in the future.

Blue sapphire and diamonds
Blue sapphire and diamonds


Where to Finance?

Some local jewelers offer financing for your purchase, but they may not always be the best sources to turn to. For example, you might get a much lower price with an online jeweler and you can place the purchase on a charge card, or pay off the balance in six months.

Loose diamonds

OK, you have the money situation straightened out and it’s time to go shopping. Before you check out all the pre-made options, explore all the possibilities when you shop loose diamonds for sale. For instance, you can choose from many different cuts and sizes.

Choosing the Setting

Once you have the stone you can now choose the setting. There are many choices, so will need to take the time to browse.

Budget stretching strategies

It’s always best to get more diamonds for your money when you shop, and here are some strategies to consider:

  • Go slightly smaller – If the decision is between a 0.08 carat and a 0.09 carat stone, the smaller one is usually less expensive and there is not a great deal of difference in size.
  • Consider a clarity enhanced stone – The imperfections are repaired and they cannot be easily distinguished from un-enhanced stones. You can save as much as fifty percent and you also can afford to buy a much bigger stone for the same money.
  • Look at the metal – You may save money by choosing white gold over platinum.

Check certificates

Not all diamonds are the same and it is best to get some kind of quality assurance. If you are buying a stone over 0.40 carats it should have one of these certifications:

  • EGL or European Gemological Laboratory
  • GIA or Gemological Institute of America
  • EGS or Empire Gemological Services

Shop together

American men love to surprise their “brides to be” by picking diamond engagement rings themselves. However, it may be best to pop the question and then both of you shop for rings. That way, you will get the best one. After all, this is supposed to last forever.