Advice for Insuring Your Diamond

Working with Insurance companies can become very tricky when it comes to replacement of lost or stolen

jewelry. We hope the following tips will help you make the right decision on why, what, how and how much to insure your diamonds for.

After you”ve chosen a beautiful piece of jewelry, your next decision should be how to protect it.  The standard homeowners policy provides only limited coverage for jewelry, often excluding breakage or loss. With specific jewelery insurance you”re completely covered.  What diamond jewelry insurance generaly covers;  loss, theft, mysterious disappearance and damage.

We suggest periodic inspections of your insured items. Why, you ask? There are two major reasons.

1. While insurance does not cover normal wear and tear of your jewelry, you”ll have peace of mind knowing that during inspections, your jeweler can identify small problems – such as loose stones, worn prongs, and faulty clasps – before they become bigger ones.

2. Most jewelry values increase over time, so routine inspections are important for maintaining current values and adequate insurance limits. (Inspections also are a great opportunity to have your jewelry cleaned)

The cost of insurance is based on the jewelry”s retail replacement value and the state and county where theperson who wears the jewelry lives.  We advice that if you”ve not already got your bling covered, that you start shopping around for prices today!  Better to be safe than sorry, better to spend a little in protection than face a huge bill for replacement.