Some Christmas Diamond Gift Ideas

The time of year has come round again, time to plan the perfect gift for your loved one but your short of ideas on what to get.  It’s always hard to buy a gift especially when you may be on a budget or simply not sure what message you want to convey.

So we’re here on hand for those of you who know they want to scream love and comittment no matter the cost, for these people there’s nothing better than a gift of diamonds.

  • Diamond pendants are timeless, stylish and make sumptuous Christmas gift
  • Designer necklaces are a cute and look stunning with an evening dress
  • Diamond studs are at the root of every jewellery collection.  Simple, stylish and elegant.
  • Diamond rings are a pure joy to receive and always look simply stylish with any outfit.

The Mother of All Diamond Pendants

Diamond necklaces have been around for an eternity. Nothing connotes fortune, sophistication and beauty like a diamond pendant. There are millions of diamond necklaces to choose from, one more sparkling than the next, but no necklace makes a statement quite like the mother of all diamond pendants – The Hope Diamond.

To most, the Hope Diamond is known as the largest diamond in the world. This is, in fact, true, but the Hope Diamond has a real story behind its notorious status. It is a story that goes back several centuries, and part of the magic of this diamond lies within the journey it has taken over the last few hundred years.

The first form the Hope Diamond took was known as the Tavernier Blue Diamond. It was named after the French merchant and traveler, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who brought the 115 diamond back to Europe. It is a mystery where he actually found the diamond. In 1669, Tavernier sold the diamond to King Louis XVI for the equivalent of 147 kilograms of pure gold.

Around 8 years later, King Louis XVI had the diamond recut to a 67 1/8 carat stone, set in gold and ultimately suspended on a ribbon, making it a pendant he could wear around his neck. He called it the Blue Diamond of the Crown. Many years later, the stone was reset into a more elaborate pendant, and again, changed its name.

The Hope Diamond, while all theories of its existence are still unproven, is thought to have been cut from the Blue Diamond of the Crown that King Louis XVI made. Whether or not this story is true or not, the original diamond that the Hope Diamond came from has had quite a journey, and has gained a following and fame everywhere it went, and in every form it took.

A Diamond Ring with a Difference

Here’s an original idea for a diamond ring…a company in Switzerland makes artificial diamonds out of the ashes of the deceased. The strange business has clients from all sections of society. The ashes are sorted so that the calcium and potassium are separated from the carbon, of which diamonds are made. To create a diamond, the carbon is placed under immense pressure and heated to 1700 degrees centigrade. First graphite is created, and then the application of more pressure and heat result in the creation of a diamond.

The diamonds are then cut for diamond rings or pendants, and presumably also diamond earrings.