Trendy Diamond Rings or Old Style?

Maybe it’s time to shop for diamond rings? This is an exciting time of life and with the recent popularity of vintage style rings, which choice do you make? Is it time to go for trendy or something that has a look and feel of days gone by? Here is a look at this common problem that many people face today.

Do you like simple or ornate?

Many modern or trendy style rings are simple when it comes to the settings. For example, they feature plain gold or platinum. However, you can have an ornate look if you choose to have lovely loose diamonds mounted in the setting. Yet, this might be beyond the normal budget.

Many vintage style rings are very elaborate in design. In fact, a lot of them are intricate. This is where you will find scrolling and many other fancy decorations. If fancy is what you like, you may wish to check into old style rings.

What cut do you like?

Gold Engagement ring
Gold Engagement ring

If you are shopping diamond engagement rings and want a princess cut stone, you are not alone. It is very popular. However, this design has only been around for about 50 years, so you might be better off choosing a more modern or trendy style ring and setting, if you want your ring to look authentically antique.

Round diamonds will pretty much work with either choice, depending on the kind of ring you are looking for.

Precious metals

Not long ago, antique style rings mostly had settings in white gold or platinum. However, that is not the case today. Top online jewelers provide old styles in yellow gold also.

Bezel settings

Many antique style rings feature what is called a bezel setting. This surrounds the diamond with a band of gold, usually. You can find a bezel setting in a trendy style, but with solitaire rings, it can provide a “plain” appearance. Some old style rings feature smaller stones in elaborate bezel settings and may be the better choice.


Do you prefer something other than the typical white or yellow diamonds? Maybe you are into chocolate or perhaps sky blue? Most antique style diamonds are traditional and unusual colors may work best with trendy designs.

The Wedding

If you are shopping engagement rings, what kind of wedding do you plan on? Perhaps the bride plans to get married in her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. This is a great way to carry on a tradition, and if you plan an old style wedding, it makes sense to go with old style jewelry.

A matter of choice

There may not be a great deal of difference in price, so it can be hard to choose between trendy or old style rings. The best way is to visit a reputable online jeweler and take a look at all of the selections they have to offer.

It may take some time to check out all of the choices, but this will give you the best ideas. After all, when it comes to trendy or old style diamond rings, there is no wrong selection. They are all great choices when you shop the right jeweler. In fact, Diamonds USA provides great customer service that will assist you with your shopping, if you like.