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Man Proposes and Ring Falls Into The Water

It could have been the fact that it was freezing outside or maybe jus t a case of the jitters. Regardless of the reason, Travis Pittman, a producer for KING 5 News station, popped the question to his girlfriend during … Continue reading

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The hottest new trend in wedding rings fashion

According to this month’s Los Angeles Times magazine, geometric shaped diamond rings are the hottest new trend in ry_jewelry/diamond_anniversary_rings.asp” target=”_blank”>wedding rings fashion for 2010. The architectural innovative cuts of the diamonds such as the teardrop, the oval, the marquise or … Continue reading

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10 fabulous diamond rings under $999

Tiffany’s style engagement ring: Seven diamonds engagement ring settings: Wedding ring with 0.25 carat diamonds: Princess engagement ring:Wide Tiffany replica: Wedding or anniversary ring with side diamonds: y-ring-with-side-diamonds.jpg”> Engagement ring with Princess side Aquamarines:Low Profile Embracing Ring: sms tracker android … Continue reading

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Who needs movie stars when we’ve got diamonds?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it appears that nothing can portray romance and love just quite like diamonds. The act of giving diamonds is considered to be a symbolic act of love but the fact is that diamonds have become … Continue reading

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Famous diamond rings

Celebrities and famous people not only have the power to define current trends in the world of fashion and décor but can also design and divert the public’s general taste and opinion.

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