In-demand Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

In-demand Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Somewhere, every day, a man asks a woman to marry him and he presents her with a special ring (or they go shopping together for a ring). This scenario has been going on for centuries and is likely to be with us for many more years. When you shop for diamond engagement rings, here are some of the hottest selling rings you may wish to check out.





Double halo rings

Halo rings are very popular and many are choosing a ring with one row of diamonds surrounding a large stone. However, the double halo is rapidly gaining in popularity. You can buy halo engagement rings with yellow and even chocolate center stones if you wish, when you visit a reputable online jeweler.

Tulip rings

The tulip setting is perfect for a solitaire engagement ring. It resembles the tulip flower and the petals gently support the center stone. You can have a variety of diamond cuts placed in the center, and this style ring is absolutely stunning in a gold setting.

Art deco

Antique rings are in demand and since there is a limited supply or original vintage rings, many ring designers are coming out with some amazing engagement rings in vintage art deco style. Art deco has become “in-demand” every since Scarlett Johansson appeared with her special engagement ring from Romain Dauriac.

The art deco ring is symbolic of the 1920s and it is an eclectic style that utilizes bold and rich geometric shapes. During the peak of Art Deco popularity, the design could be seen in many works of art and architecture. Now you can bring that time era back to life with your very own Art Deco ring, and they are available with white or yellow gold settings.


To pave something means to literally cover it with a material and paved diamonds are many small diamonds that pave a particular area of a ring setting. When you choose paved diamonds you intensify the sparkle and this can make a plain setting look absolutely fabulous.

Side stones

Although solitaire engagement rings are in demand, the side stone ring is catching up, and many of these lovely rings have sapphires and other colorful stones like aquamarine and amethyst. Side stones can be large and come in three stone settings, and you may choose many small diamonds to provide a paved appearance. This style of ring has so many options, it is very easy to select something unique to your needs and wants.





Rose gold

For a long time, most women wanted yellow gold or white gold for their engagement ring settings, but more are seeing the incredible beauty in rose gold. Plus, if you include the color of sapphires in the ring, it enhances its beauty and elegance. Rose gold rings can be purchased with just about any kind of diamond cut that you wish, and if you have loose diamonds, your online jeweler can create the perfect custom diamond engagement ring for you. In fact, you can submit your own design and they will be happy to turn your wildest jewelry dreams into reality.