Why Buy Diamonds from Diamonds USA?

There are many excellent sources for buying diamonds on the World Wide Web, but some are much better than others. At Diamonds USA we offer many good things for the diamond shopper and and here are just a few reasons to visit our website:

Diamonds Selection on Diamonds USA

Golden Diamond Ring with small stonesMany online jewelers provide hundreds of selections for their customers. However, Diamonds USA offer thousands of choices, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, you can choose between 10 or more different cuts for some types of diamond rings.

There are many types of jewelry to shop for. It is easy to find a beautiful set of diamond stud earrings or pendants, or the perfect engagement ring. They also sell tennis bracelets and if you want loose diamonds for sale, you will encounter one of the best selections online.

Custom Jewelry

Many online jewelers offer rings for sale but few let you customize your purchase. Choose from a number of settings and diamond cuts. In fact, you can completely design your own ring and take advantage of high tech CAD (computer aided design) technology to enjoy something truly unique.


A jeweler that has been in business for fifteen years or more is doing many things right, and Diamonds USA has been around since 1997. This means you can count on top quality jewelry and services.


You should not have to endure any risks when you buy from an online jeweler. Diamonds USA does not charge customers for a ten day period. In this way, you do not pay for your purchase right away, so when you return it within the specified time, there are no problems. In other words, you have a full ten days from the time you receive you purchase to decide if it is satisfactory.

If you wish to return your purchase, the process is very easy. Also, you do not have to return the item or items within 10 days, only notify them that you are returning (within that period). That way, there is no need to get in a hurry when returning your purchase.

Customer service

A good jeweler is there for you before and after you make your purchase. They can be contacted toll free, via live chat, or by email. You also will find customer testimonials at the website. These are not made up testimonials with fictional people, they list email addresses and you can contact these people about the items and service that they received.

Money saving promotions

When you visit the website, click on “sales”. You might find a coupon code for ten percent off a certain type of jewelry. Also, if you sign up for their special offers, you will receive an email as soon as they are available.

Learn all about diamonds

You will find a number of tutorials and videos at the website that teach you about jewelry and diamonds. You can learn about certifications and read about all of the many different cuts available. You also can learn about clarity and color grades, to help you choose the perfect diamonds from Diamonds USA.