Why Cushion Cut Diamonds Could Be Perfect for You

Are you thinking about buying diamonds in the near future? If you are looking for loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, or diamond rings, cushion cut diamonds may be one of the best choices you can make. Here are some reasons to consider this cut.

Picture of a Cushion cut Diamond
A Cushion cut Diamond


Cushion cut diamonds are some of the best selling diamonds on the market today. In many areas, they are surpassed only by round and princess cut stones. In fact, many celebrities are choosing the cushion cut for engagement rings. For example:

  • Jennifer Garner – Ben Affleck gave her a 2.5 carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
  • Mena Alexandra Suvari – this famous model and actress is sporting an amazing cushion cut diamond that is nearly 9 carats in size.
  • Giuliana Rancic – the co-anchor of E! News has a stunning ring that is vintage style with a 4 carat cushion cut stone.
  • Molly Sims – famous for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit images. Her ring has three very popular features. It sports a large cushion cut diamond, antique style, and is one of the most unique halo engagement rings you will find.
  • Hope Diamond – one of the most famous diamonds in the world is a cushion cut.

These are only a few of the many celebrities that are choosing cushion cut stones these days, and the rich and famous are the trend setters for fashion.


When you shop for cushion cut diamonds, you are shopping for a cut that has a rich history. This cut is nothing new, as its story goes back nearly two centuries. At that time, it was known as the old mine cut. The cushion cut is square with the corners rounded off. The old mine cut originally had 58 facets, but today’s cushion cut stones have more brilliance with 64 facets. During most of the 1900s, cushion cut diamonds were some of the most popular selections available.

With the dawn of the 20th Century, cushion cut stones gave way to more modern cuts and they slowly lost their appeal. However, in the past few years, they have become more common due to the popularity of antique and vintage style engagement rings. The cushion cut is reminiscent of years gone by and the perfect selection for a lovely center stone for your antique style engagement ring. Even though this cut may not have the brilliance of some of its modern counterparts, it has a style and appeal that makes it warm and inviting.

Shopping for cushion cut diamonds

Have you noticed that many celebrities have cushion cut stones that are fancy yellow in color? In fact, fancy yellow is very popular because the cushion cut stone is made for this color. If you want a white stone, most jewelers suggest a high degree of color and at least an “H” on the color scale. “F” is better and of course, and “D” is the best selection if you can afford it.

When you want the largest possible cushion cut stone, take a look at clarity enhanced diamonds. They are just as good as ones that have not been enhanced, and you will save a lot of money this way.